State capitalism: The secret to China’s boom

Many observers would say that China’s embrace of capitalism since 1978, and especially since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, has been responsible for its boom.

Echoes of 2008 crisis met with dull bailout tools

Extreme market volatility has sparked comparisons to the 2008 global credit crisis, but Washington`s ability to help out weak financial firms is dramatically different.

Don`t count on China to reprise 2008 global saviour role

China is still nursing a hangover from its 2008 stimulus spending spree and may be reluctant to kick off another big round, leaving less potent options on the table should the global economy tilt toward a cliff.

Credit ratings love-hate has simple answer

Moody`s supports removing ratings from regulations, according to the firm`s July 27 congressional testimony.

US a ‘parasite’ on the world economy: Putin

The US spends beyond its means and "lives like a parasite off the global economy", Russian PM said.

Deal or no deal, debt drama is not going away

Millions of people, including stressed-out policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic, wish to put these issues behind them. Unfortunately, despite many announcements, they are unable to do so decisively, and for good reason.