Barack Obama postpones debt meet with lawmakers

US President Barack Obama postponed a planned meeting with lawmakers to discuss the government shutdown and the debt ceiling amid signs of progress in the Senate, the White House said on Monday.

Barack Obama summons leaders for US debt ceiling crisis talks

President Barack Obama called top congressional leaders to White House on Monday, stepping up efforts to stave off the rising threat of a historic US debt default that would rock the global economy.

US will never default on debt: Biden

Chinese officials criticised the recent political row in the US over the recent downgrade of the country`s credit rating.

US debt tops 13 trillion dollars for first time

US debt has reached 13 trillion dollars for the first time in history, the Treasury Department has said, stoking a political furor

India raises US debt exposure; holdings worth $39.3 bn till June

At a time when the US is grappling with economic turmoil, India has purchased American debt worth USD 39.3 billion till June 2009, an increase of nearly two-fold compared to September last year.

India invests in US debts worth $38.8 bn till May `09

India has invested in US debt securities worth USD 38.8 billion till May this year, nearly four-fold rise when compared to the same month in 2008.