North Korea says remains of US troops being washed away

North Korea warned Monday that the untended remains of US servicemen killed in the Korean War were being "carried away" by giant infrastructure projects and blamed Washington for suspending efforts for their recovery.

US adds UAV to search Nigerian girls

The US Defence Department`s addition of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and 80 Air Force troops to US efforts supporting Nigeria`s search for over 200 kidnapped girls has turned the mission into an air operation, a Pentagon spokesman said Thursday.

US shutdown: Pentagon recalls Defence Department employees

In a move that is further set to immune the US Armed Forces members from the adverse effects of government shutdown, the Pentagon has decided to call over 400,000 civilians of defence department back to work next week.

US in damage control mode over Chuck Hagel`s India remarks

Amid the controversy stirred by the newly appointed US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel’s anti-India remarks, the US has rushed to undo the damage by reiterating India’s “positive” role in Afghanistan.