Released US soldier Bergdahl in `good` condition: Officials

The American soldier released Saturday by the Taliban after nearly five years in captivity is in "good" condition and is undergoing medical treatment at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, officials said.

US to increase military support to Poland, Baltic: Hagel

The United States plans to expand military cooperation with Poland and Baltic states to show "support" for its allies after Russia`s intervention in Ukraine, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel said.

Hagel calls Egyptian defence minister on Coptic Christians

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has called his Egyptian counterpart Gen Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, on Coptic Christians who have been impacted by recent violence in the Arab country.

Chuck Hagel orders review of all US defence installations globally

In view of the mass shooting inside the high-security Navy Yard here, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Tuesday ordered to security review of all the US defence installations across the globe.

US orders removal of online 3D-gun designs

The US has ordered the removal of controversial online files which allowed users to 3D-print their own unregistered plastic handgun at home.

Pentagon weighs cuts to nuclear arsenal

There is disagreement over how many atomic bombs the United States requires in the post-Cold War era.

Lockheed says frequent cyber target from around world

Lockheed had taken aggressive actions to protect systems and data.

Asia maritime disputes need negotiation: US

The US defence secretary says high seas disputes in Asia should be resolved through negotiations.