Russia withdrawing troops from Ukraine border: US

Russia has withdrawn "several thousand" military personnel from the Ukrainian border in the past few days but tens of thousands of soldiers remain deployed in the region, a US defense official said Tuesday.

6-year-old US boy petitions White House to save NASA

A six-year-old boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut has filed an online petition to US President Barack Obama to increase funding for cash-strapped NASA`s space programme.

US national accused of sending military blueprints to India

A US defence contractor today pleaded guilty to having illegally sent blueprints of military hardware to India, including parts used in nuclear submarines.

Embassy threat indicative of growing al Qaeda ambitions: Study

A recent study by a US defense and security consultancy has revealed that al Qaeda has by some measures become larger since the deadly 9/11 attack.

Panetta says drones to be ‘continuing tool’ of US defense

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said armed and unmanned drones will be a feature of US counter-terrorism efforts abroad for years to come.