Not a degree of freedom for Tibetans within China: US diplomat

Tibetans within China do not enjoy freedom within the Communist nation, a top US diplomat has said after meeting Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal.

Bahrain questions opposition leader after expelling US diplomat

Bahrain interrogated its top opposition leader on Wednesday after expelling a senior US diplomat for meeting him, a remarkable slap at Washington from an ally that hosts the US Navy`s Middle East fleet.

Top US diplomat to visit India ahead John Kerry`s trip

In advance of the bilateral strategic dialogue, a top US diplomat will be visiting India this week as a part of preparation for the highest level talks between the two countries.

US diplomat says Bahrain expulsion `not about me`

A senior US diplomat ordered to leave the Middle Eastern nation of Bahrain after meeting with a leading Shiite opposition group said today that the American ally`s move appears aimed at undermining reconciliation efforts between the government and the opposition.

Senior US diplomat `unwelcome` by Bahrain

Bahrain has told a senior US diplomat, who has met with representatives of the country`s opposition, that he was "unwelcome" in the kingdom and should "leave immediately."

Senior US diplomat `unwelcome`, should leave: Bahrain

Bahrain on Monday said that US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour, Tom Malinowski, is "unwelcome" in the kingdom and should leave immediately.

Top US diplomat to visit India next week

A top Obama administration diplomat is travelling to India next week to hold talks with Indian officials in New Delhi.

China summons US diplomat over Obama-Dalai meeting

China on Friday summoned US Charge d`Affaires here and lodged a strong diplomatic protest over the meeting between President Barack Obama and the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

Angela Merkel fumes at US diplomat`s curse of EU

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage on Friday over a leaked phone conversation in which a top US diplomat used the f-word regarding the European Union`s handling of the crisis in Ukraine.

John Kerry in Vietnam on first visit as top US diplomat

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday urged Vietnam, where he served during the war, to deepen economic reforms and respect human rights as he began a trip aimed at shoring up Southeast Asian ties.

John Kerry raises doubts if Iran ready for final deal

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday raised doubts if Iran was truly prepared to conclude a final deal with western powers on dismantling its nuclear program, but urged US lawmakers not to impose new sanctions.

America ready for female president: Michelle Obama

US first lady Michelle Obama says in remarks published on Friday that America is ready for a woman president, but would not comment on prospects for Hillary Clinton getting the job.

Russia to expel US diplomat for being ‘CIA agent’

Russia said on Tuesday that it would expel a US diplomat for allegedly trying to recruit a Russian intelligence officer as a spy.

`Not in Pak to push for N Waziristan offensive`

Against the backdrop of reports of mounting US pressure on Pakistan for action against terror safe havens in N Waziristan, a top US diplomat has said.

Pak summons US diplomat to protest drone strike

Pakistan on Monday summoned a senior US diplomat to protest against a drone strike that killed four militants.

`India-US linkages a model for other nations`

Jennifer Mcintyre, US Consul General, Chennai, said the
Indian diaspora, one of the most influential and vibrant
communities in US.

Lankan Tamil leaders meet US diplomat Rapp

Several matters related to the problems faced by the
minority Tamils were discussed at the meeting, a TNA release

Top US diplomat in China for NKorea talks

Kim`s death has sparked concerns over the stability of
the isolated, nuclear-armed nation.

US diplomat`s car hits motorcyclist in Islamabad

Khizar was riding a motorbike near Kolsum Plaza when he was hit by US first secretary Melody`s vehicle.

Weapons proliferation `key concern` in Libya: US

Libya`s new interim leader met the most senior US official to visit Tripoli since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.