China says it will not stand foreign interference in Hong Kong

China on Tuesday asked foreign countries to exercise prudence in expressing support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong saying it will not stand any external interference in its matters.

US expels three Venezuelan diplomats

In a retaliatory move, the United States on Tuesday said that it will be expelling three Venezuelan diplomats days after Venezuela expelled three US consular officials in Caracas.

US dismisses Venezuela`s allegations against its diplomats

The US has dismissed as "baseless and false" the accusation of the Venezuelan government that its diplomats were allegedly organising anti-government protests in the country.

US thinks it can coax opposition to Syria peace talks

The United States is "reasonably confident" that it can persuade the Syrian opposition to join peace talks slated for later this month, US diplomats said.

Sri Lanka protests US war crimes remarks

Sri Lanka said on Friday it would protest to the United States over its allegations that army shelling killed hundreds of families during the final days of the island`s ethnic civil war.

Diplomat arrest row: India hopeful of solution despite US` refusal to drop case

India on Friday said entire gamut of Indo-US ties needs to be kept in mind by both sides while dealing with the case against its diplomat Devyani Khobragade and hoped that the matter will be resolved despite US refusing to accept its demand of withdrawing charges against her.

No special treatment to US diplomats at airports anymore

US diplomats and their families in India will not be able to avail special treatment at airports from Thursday night when the deadline expired for surrendering their special passes, as part of government`s retaliatory action against the treatment meted out to diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York.

US gives it back to Venezuela, expels three diplomats

Exacting revenge, the US on Wednesday decided to expel three Venezuelan diplomats a day after three American officials were accused of “sabotage” and ordered to leave the Latin American country.

Yankees go home, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro tells US diplomats

‘Yankees go home’, this is what Venezuelan President said to the three US diplomats, ordering them to leave within 48 hours.

American al Qaeda militant urges attacks on US diplomats

Western nations shut embassies across the Middle East and North Africa early this month, after a warning of a possible militant attack.

Diplomats` security requests in Libya denied: US

US diplomats in Libya made repeated requests for increased security for the consulate in Benghazi before it was attacked last month.

Al Qaeda calls death of US envoy a `gift`

Qaeda`s affiliate in N Africa urged Muslims to kill US government representatives and called the death of ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens a "gift".

US diplomats in Beirut burning classified material

US diplomats in Beirut have started to destroy classified material as a precaution amid anti-American protests in Lebanon, Middle East and North Africa.

`US diplomats being increasingly harassed in Pak`

The report notes that there is a growing disconnect between US efforts to press ahead with programmes designed to assist Pakistani people.

US diplomats heading to SL for talks on civil war

The visit comes ahead of a United Nations human rights council meeting in Geneva.

CPM for reciprocal action against US diplomats

CPI(M) reacted strongly to the frisking of former president APJ Abdul Kalam at New
York and demanded "reciprocal action" against US

Myanmar, US diplomats hold talks in Washington

Under Barack Obama, US has pursued a dual-track policy of diplomatic engagement towards and sanctions against Myanmar.

Hillary demands that Syria protect US diplomats

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned an attack on the US ambassador in Damascus.

Pak to review travel restrictions for US diplomats

The US has threatened to impose similar restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in Washington.

US objects to Americans` harassment in Pakistan

US has sought withdrawal of no-objection certificates required for its envoys` movement in Pakistan.