Britain backed use of A-bomb against Japan: US documents

Britain supported the use of atomic bombs against Japan in World War II about a month before the first one was dropped on Hiroshima by the United States, according to declassified American documents.

‘Sensitive US documents unguarded in Benghazi embassy`

Sensitive documents about US operations in Libya are laying unguarded at the American consulate in Benghazi.

Manning faces arraignment in WikiLeaks case

The 24-year-old faces 22 counts, including aiding the
enemy. That charge carries a maximum sentence of life in

Stressed of being gay, Manning revealed US secrets

Bradley Manning revealed to WikiLeaks the US secrets, depressed of being a gay soldier in US Army,his lawyers claim.

Manning`s sexual orientation raised at hearing

Manning was a US Army intelligence analyst in Iraq when he is alleged to have illegally downloaded massive data files.

WikiLeaks suspect forced to sleep naked in prison

The Army private suspected of
giving classified US documents to the anti-secrecy group
WikiLeaks was forced to sleep naked in a military jail at
least once this week.

Chavez`s oil industry deteriorating: US documents

Memos say Venezuela`s economic problems are taking a toll on Chavez`s popularity.

Hillary blasts `deeply distressing` leak of US sites

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regretted the "deeply distressing" release of a secret list of key infrastructure sites that could threaten US security if hit by terror strikes.

Hillary expresses regret over WikiLeaks

US Secretary of State Hillary had termed the release of classified US documents an attack on the international community.