Politics of Oil: Should oil importers be worried of geopolitical consequences?

A strong US dollar and soft demand has brought down oil prices. But it is improved technology, such as hydraulic fracking, that has brought about abundant supplies of shale oil from the US onto the market, along with the Middle East, which despite conflict, has not budged on supply.

Man with huge US dollars arrested while heading to Hong Kong

A man from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was caught attempting to carry 580,000 U.S. dollars in cash undeclared from Shenzhen City, south China`s Guangdong Province, to Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Liberia`s finance minister urges calm over currency crisis

Liberia`s finance minister warned against panic today after being summoned to parliament to explain a crash in the value of Liberia`s currency against the US dollar.

The Rupee pain

The rupee’s freefall in part can be blamed on fears that the US will scale back stimulus measures.

Only dollar and Sonia’s son-in-law have grown stronger under UPA: BJP

The Bharatiya Janata Party on Friday took a jibe at the UPA government as the rupee dropped to a historic low of 62.

Why the Rupee has got hammered

Rupee`s downward trend does not seem a temporary one.

Dollar shock for Indian hedge funds

After witnessing two years of strong returns, Indian hedge funds started their 2011 campaign with two months of negative returns. It should be noted, however, that despite these losses, they managed to beat the market by significant margins.

Economic gloom deepens as rupee fuels inflation

The risk is that a plunging rupee will be seen by investors as reason enough to pull capital out of the country, adding yet more downward pressure on the currency and setting off a balance of payments crisis.

Rupee`s decline adds to India`s woes

India relies on capital inflows to fund its current account deficit, but self-inflicted wounds and investors` worries about troubles elsewhere has been driving capital away.

Japan stocks, US dollar rise on US job hopes

Japanese stocks led Asian equities higher on Monday and the US dollar climbed against major currencies on optimism that US employment figures later in the week will reflect a sustained economic recovery.