US drone attack kills 20 in northwestern Pakistan

At least 20 suspected militants were killed today in a US drone attack in Pakistan`s troubled North Waziristan tribal region, where the military is mounting a major offensive to clear the area of the Taliban bases.

Four killed in US drone strike in Pakistan

Four people have been killed in a US drone strike in North Waziristan, a media report said.

US drone strike kills four al Qaeda members in Yemen

At least four members of the Yemen-based al Qaeda offshoot were killed when a US drone bombed their vehicle in the central province of Marib.

Iran says it has copied US drone

Iran said om Monday it has succeeded in copying a US drone it captured in December 2011, with state television broadcasting images apparently showing the replicated aircraft.

Russia says intercepted US drone over Crimea: Arms group

A United States surveillance drone has been intercepted above the Ukranian region of Crimea, a Russian state arms and technology group said today.

US drone kills three terror suspects in Yemen

A US drone strike targeting an Al Qaeda vehicle killed at least three terrorist suspects and wounded two in Yemen Monday evening, a security official said.

US drone, phone taps used to hunt Mexican drug lord

US authorities announced plans to seek the extradition of Mexico`s most powerful drug lord after his capture in a US-backed operation that included a drone, cellphone intercepts and elite Mexican marines.

US Air Force drone crashes

The US Air Force said a drone crashed at a national park in New Mexico during a training mission.

US drone crashes into Pacific

An American drone that is part of a fleet that patrols the border with Mexico has crashed off the coast of Southern California.

US drone strike kills four suspected militants in North Waziristan

At least four suspected militants have been killed in a US drone strike near Miramshah in North Waziristan tribal agency of Pakistan.

UN resolution calls for regulation of drone strikes

The resolution came amidst a heated public debate over drone strikes, especially in Pakistan.

Four terrorists killed in US drone strike in Yemen

At least four al Qaeda members were killed when two missiles fired from a US drone bombed their car in Yemen`s southeastern province of Hadramout Monday, a military source said.

Ex-PM Gilani denies his government approved US drone strikes

Former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani on Thursday denied a report that his government had approved US drone strikes in Pakistan`s tribal areas.

Amnesty International questions US secrecy over drone strikes in Pakistan

The London-based Amnesty International has said that America must be held accountable for the unlawful killings, some of which also amount to `war crimes`.

US drone operators face criminal fraud charges

Nearly two dozen current and former members of the Arizona Air National Guard responsible for remotely operating drones to support troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been indicted on charges including theft and money laundering.

US drone kills three more in Pakistan

At least three people were killed and four injured in a US drone strike launched early Monday in Pakistan`s northwest tribal area of North Waziristan, Xinhua reported.

Drone strike kills four al Qaeda militants in Yemen

Nearly four suspected al Qaeda members have been killed in a US drone strike in central Yemen.

US drone kills 4 Qaeda suspects in Yemen: Tribal source

A US drone strike killed four suspected al Qaeda militants in Yemen early on Tuesday, a tribal source said, amid heightened security across the Middle East against a possible major attack by the jihadist network.

US drone kills two in Pak, first hit in Ramadan

At least two persons were killed on Sunday when a US drone targeted a suspected militant`s compound in tribal region close to Afghan border in northwest Pakistan, the first strike in the month of Ramadan.

US Navy drone lands on carrier deck in historic first

A US Navy drone successfully landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier on Thursday, in an historic first for robotic flight