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Trump attacks restrictions on big banks, retirement advisers

Trump attacks restrictions on big banks, retirement advisers

President Donald Trump has launched his long-promised attack on banking rules that were rushed into law after the nation's economic crisis, signing new orders after meeting with business and investment chiefs and pledging further action to free big banks from restrictions.

Obama warns of 'deadbeat' US if debt limit not raised

President Barack Obama warned today that America would become a "deadbeat" nation if conservative Republicans refuse to raise the government's debt ceiling by next month and throw the economy into crisis.

Barack Obama to mark 5-year anniversary of US financial crisis

President Barack Obama will mark the five-year anniversary of the US financial crisis on Monday in an effort to move back to his domestic agenda after weeks of dealing with Syria.

Obama calls on Congress to salvage a fiscal cliff deal

In the absence of a resolution to the fiscal cliff, the United States could plunge into a deep economic crisis.