Top US CEOs reaped billions from stock gains in recent years

CEOs at large U.S. companies collectively realized at least $6 billion more in compensation than initially estimated in annual disclosures in the five years after the financial crisis first hit, according to a Reuters analysis. The reason for the windfall: the soaring value of their stock awards.

Geithner revisits US financial crisis in new book

Former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he regrets not pushing for stronger financial safeguards ahead of the devastating 2008 crisis, according to reported excerpts of his new book.

Barack Obama to mark 5-year anniversary of US financial crisis

President Barack Obama will mark the five-year anniversary of the US financial crisis on Monday in an effort to move back to his domestic agenda after weeks of dealing with Syria.

Bank of America may face civil charges over financial crisis

Bank of America may face civil charges over its actions during the financial crisis related to its mortgage products, the bank said in a filing to a US regulatory agency.

Bernanke defends Fed response to financial crisis

Chairman Ben Bernanke said Friday that the Federal Reserve was left with few good options when it stepped in to shore up the largest US financial institutions during the 2008 crisis.

Rise in US exports brightens outlook for economy

American businesses sold a record number of goods and services in Europe, China and other foreign markets in February, while imports declined.

Obama to lay out a blueprint for rebuilding US economy

US President Barack Obama on Saturday asked his supporters to watch his State of the Union Address which he said would lay the blue print of rebuilding the country's economy.

Obama gets payroll tax extension as Christmas gift

Ahead of Christmas, President Barack Obama on Friday achieved a major political victory when Republicans in the House of Representatives caved to his demands and agreed to extend the pay roll tax cut for 160 million American workers for two months.

European economic crisis to be on platter in US-EU Summit

A broad range of issues like Iran, Eurozone economic crisis and situation in the Middle East are expected to dominate the US-EU Summit at the White House next week.

Deficit "super committee" stalled as deadline looms

Both sides of Congress' deadlocked "super committee" held separate talks on Saturday, but formal negotiations remained stalled, reaffirming gloomy predictions that the deficit-fighting panel may fail.

No Double-Dip, but growth has slowed: White House

Even as the unemployment rate remained at 9.1 percent in September in the US, the White House on Friday denied the possibility of Double-Dip recession, but admitted the economic growth has slowed down.

Thousands of 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters march on streets

Thousands of 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters on Thursday took to the streets here, as the three-week old demonstrations against corporate America's greed and high unemployment got a major fillip with nearly 40 labour unions throwing their weight behind it.

Anti-Wall St protests show no signs of waning

Large-scale demonstrations by US activists on Wall Street against "corporate greed" showed no signs of waning today even after 700 protestors were arrested as they tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge here.

Police arrest 80 Wall Street protesters

At least 80 people protesting in New York against the US financial system and Wall Street practices were arrested in the first big crackdown since demonstrators began camping on city streets a week ago.

Obama to propose "Buffett Tax" on millionaires

President Barack Obama, in a populist step designed to appeal to voters, will propose a "Buffett Tax" on people making more than USD 1 million a year as part of his deficit recommendations to Congress on Monday.

US crisis: Barack Obama urges no 'political games' on $447 billion jobs plan

President Barack Obama called on Republicans not to play "political games" with his jobs plan as he pressed for swift passage of a USD 447 billion package he hopes will revive the US economy and boost his re-election prospects.

Bernanke quiet on next Fed moves, stresses job crisis

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday stopped short of signaling further action to boost the US recovery, but said it was critical for the economy's health to reduce unemployment.

Spanish bank acquires failed US bank

Spain's Banco Sabadell acquired nearly all of the assets and certain liabilities of Florida-based Lydian Private Bank under the terms of an agreement with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Overseas funds sold $1.5 bn in August

In tandem with the global sell-off in stock markets, overseas funds were net sellers in the Indian market in August to the tune of over USD 1.5 billion (about Rs.6,851.7 crore) till the week ended Friday, according to data available with the capital markets watchdog.

Morgan Stanley cuts global growth view, eyes ECB

The United States and euro zone are "dangerously close to recession", Morgan Stanley said on Thursday, criticising policymakers and predicting the European Central Bank will have to reverse its rates policy.