As Taliban push quickens, Afghan troops ordered: take no prisoners

As US forces withdraw from Afghanistan, the battlefield they leave behind is changing dramatically and becoming more deadly.

UK, US still run illegal detention centres: Karzai

President Hamid Karzai accused British and US forces on Tuesday of continuing to operate "illegal" detention facilities in the country.

US forces launch missile strike against Shebab leader in Somalia

The US military launched a missile strike in Somalia on Sunday targeting a suspected Shebab militant leader, defense officials said.

UN experts `seriously` concerned about Yemen drone strikes

UN human rights experts on Thursday expressed "serious concern" about lethal drone attacks allegedly conducted by US forces in Yemen, that resulted in civilian casualties this month.

Tripoli suspect`s son says captors had Libyan accents

The son of a suspected Islamist militant seized in Tripoli said on Sunday his father had been snatched as he returned home from morning prayers by men with Libyan accents.

Disputes threaten post-2014 US-Afghan pact: Kabul

A planned deal to let US forces stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014 to fight al Qaeda remnants is under threat because of disagreement over the Americans` right to conduct military operations, Kabul says.

Afghans protest US special operators in Wardak

Several hundred demonstrators are marching to the Afghan parliament building in Kabul, protesting the continued presence of US special operations forces in Afghanistan`s troubled Wardak province.

No evidence of Afghan claim of `torture, murder` by US forces: NATO

NATO has said that it has found no evidence to support the allegations that US special forces committed acts of `torture` and `murder` in Afghanistan.

US forces in Afghanistan to shift to support role

US President Barack Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai agreed to speed up plans for moving Afghan forces into the security lead.

Bilateral Agreement to address status of US forces

The Bilateral Security Agreement between the US and Afghanistan, is expected to address the status of US forces in this war-torn country post-2014.

US forces recovered telephone from Osama`s Abbottabad hideout

A top US official has for the first time disclosed that American special forces had recovered a telephone from Osama bin Laden`s Abbottabad compound.

NATO attack: `US forces acted in self-defence`

NATO said that mistakes were
committed on both sides that resulted in the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Spate of bombs kills 10 in Iraq

A suicide bomber blew himself up after joining the line of Sahwa early in the morning, according to an official.

US forces to be armed with mini "Kamakaze" drones

US forces will confront the militants with a new
weapon, miniaturised "Kamakaze" drones, launched by soldiers
in the battlefield itself.

Questions still hang over Kabul security

Five police and 11 civilians, including children, were killed and 19 people wounded in the recent multi-pronged attacks.

Iraq: 35 inmates tunnel out, most recaptured

Prison breaks cast doubt on whether Iraqi security forces are ready to protect the nation when US troops leave.

21 people killed by roadside bomb: Afghan official

The minibus ran over a roadside bomb in Obe district in Herat province.

Back-to-back bombs kill 9 people in western Iraq

Iraq`s Ramadi used to be one of the strongholds of the al Qaeda-led insurgency.

The secret team that killed Osama

Seal Team 6, the crack unit of American naval commandos that killed Osama Bin Laden are the elite of the elite of the US Special Forces group.

US forces alone conducted Operation Osama: Pak

Pakistan said on Monday that US forces had conducted the operation that killed Osama bin Laden "in accordance with declared US policy".