US Congress won`t meet deadline for spending bill vote

The US Congress was poised on Monday to extend by three days a deadline set during the country`s autumn budget crisis to avoid another government shutdown.

US shutdown end boosts hopes for Antarctic reserve

A long-awaited deal to create the world`s largest marine sanctuary in Antarctica appears to have survived a last-second obstacle the US government shutdown and could be approved next week.

Dysfunctional government top US problem: Poll

The dysfunctional US government has become the country`s biggest problem, as one-third of Americans expressed their disappointment over the current shutdown, a study has found.

US shutdown slows bid to fix NASA-China controversy: Expert

NASA is trying to resolve an international spat over banning Chinese scientists from a planetary conference but efforts are being hampered by the US government shutdown, a meeting organiser has said.

Taliban mock US over government shutdown

Taliban militants fighting US troops in Afghanistan taunted Washington today over the government shutdown, accusing US politicians of "sucking the blood of their own people".

US to suspend Antarctic research during shutdown

The US National Science Foundation (NSF) said it will suspend its research programmes in Antarctica if the US government shutdown continues for another week.

US shutdown: Pentagon recalls Defence Department employees

In a move that is further set to immune the US Armed Forces members from the adverse effects of government shutdown, the Pentagon has decided to call over 400,000 civilians of defence department back to work next week.

US debt crisis threatens world economy: IMF

Terming the current debt crisis in America as "mission-critical", the International Monetary Fund has warned the US that its impending debt crisis could damage not only its domestic economy, but the entire global economy.

US shutdown seen dragging on as debt ceiling fight nears

The shutdown of the U.S. government appeared likely to drag on for another week and possibly longer as lawmakers consumed day three of the shutdown with a stalling game.

US more exposed to terror attacks after shutdown: James Clapper

In one of the most dangerous side-effects of the US government shutdown, the country’s top intelligence officer warned that furloughing of civilians, specially spies will make the country more susceptible to terror attacks.

Obama `exasperated` by government shutdown

US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he is "exasperated" by the lack of agreement that led to the paralysis of the federal government and warned that Wall Street "should be concerned" about the economic consequences.

US shutdown prompts Germany, UK to issue ‘travel warning’

Among the first visible impacts of the US government shutdown on foreign nations, Germany and the United Kingdom issued ‘travel advisory’ for America.

No solution in sight as US shutdown enters Day 3

The statements by the White House and the US House Speaker John Boehner provided after the closed door meeting at White House, only highlighted the divide that remains intact between Democrats and Republicans.

US govt shutdown: Barack Obama postpones Malaysia visit

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak Wednesday said US President Barack Obama has postponed his upcoming visit to Malaysia this month following the partial shutdown of the US government Tuesday.

US President hails Obamacare, slams `Republican shutdown`

US President Barack Obama urged them to “reopen the government” and warned that longer the shutdown stays more harm it will inflict.

US Republicans appeasing `extremists` on shutdown: Obama

US President Barack Obama has accused Republicans of pandering to the "extreme right wing" of their party and holding Americans hostage in a budget dispute threatening to shutter the government.

US government shutdown: Armed Forces will be paid on time, assures Obama

In a bid to avoid the US government shutdown’s adverse impact on US Armed Forces, President Barack Obama has signed a bill to maintain pay & allowances for members of the American military.