US chopper crashes in Afghanistan, 4 feared dead

A US defence official said the Black Hawk helicopter crashed in the Regional Command-Southwest area.

Fighters who downed US chopper are alive: Taliban

The commander of the NATO-led foreign force earlier claimed insurgents responsible had been killed.

Military killed Taliban who downed US helicopter

At the Pentagon, dilemma persists whether to release the identities of 30 troops who died in crash.

‘4 Pakistanis helped Taliban gun down US copter’

A total of 38 people were killed when their Chinook came down during an anti-Taliban operation.

Taliban `shoot down US helicopter in Afghanistan`; 13 killed

At least 13 Americans were killed when a low flying US Apache helicopter was reportedly shot down by Taliban militants while flying over Afghanistan’s Farah province.

US soldier killed in Iraq helicopter crash

An American soldier has been killed
and three others were wounded in a helicopter crash in
northern Iraq, the US military said Sunday.

‘Pirates fire on US helicopter’

The US Navy says pirates holding a hijacked ship off the coast of Somalia fired at one of its helicopters making a routine surveillance flight over the ship.