US kept international call data for over decade: Report

 The US Justice Department maintained a secret database of Americans` international phone calls for more than a decade before ending the program in 2013, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

US charges two men over failed Gambia coup

US prosecutors have charged two men for their role in the failed December 30 coup attempt to overthrow the government of Gambia, the US Justice Department said on Monday.

Pak American arrested for defrauding Hajj pilgrims

A Pakistani American national has been arrested in Chicago on charges of defrauding Hajj pilgrims, the US Justice Department said on Friday.

Indian-American woman appointed to key US Justice Dept post

Indian-American Vanita Gupta, a top lawyer from American Civil Liberties Union, has been appointed to head the civil rights division of the US Justice Department, becoming the first South Asian to hold this post.

US riots: Michael Brown had his hands up, new witnesses say

Two newly-discovered witnesses of last month`s fatal police shooting in Ferguson in the US state of Missouri said that the officer shot Michael Brown when the latter had his arms raised and had surrendered.

International raid targets data-stealing computer virus: US

An international dragnet has dismantled a global computer hacker network which used a sophisticated computer virus to steal millions of dollars from companies and consumers, the US Justice Department announced.

NIA to hold video conference with US Justice Department

NIA, probing the conspiracy angle in 26/11 Mumbai attacks, will be holding a video conferencing with the US`s Department of Justice.

US says man arrested with uranium for Iran hidden in shoes

A man was arrested in New York City`s international airport with uranium destined for Iran hidden in the soles of his shoes, the US Justice Department said.

US moves to curb long, mandatory drug sentences

The Obama administration unveiled steps to fix what it considers the longstanding unjust treatment of many nonviolent drug offenders, aiming to bypass tough mandatory prison terms.

US Justice Dept supports Sikhs, Hindus as hate crime victims

Attorney General Eric Holder has recommended widening the FBI`s mandate to include the two communities among victims of growing hate crimes.

US Justice Dept voices concern over harassment of Sikh student

The US Justice Department has rapped the school administration for not taking enough steps to prevent such `verbal and physical` abuse.

Al Qaeda terrorist Spin Ghul to be tried in a New York court

Al Qaeda operative in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Spin Ghul was arrested, 6 months after he was taken into American custody and will be tried in a New York court, the US Justice Department has said.

US Justice Department clears torture memo authors

Two top Bush-era lawyers who authorised waterboarding and other harsh interrogation tactics exercised "poor judgment" but should not be disbarred, an internal Justice Department review showed.