US missiles in Europe no longer justified: Russia

The deployment of a US missile shield in Europe lost sense after Tehran and six world powers reached a deal on Iran`s nuclear programme, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

US did not alter missile shield for Russia: Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry is denying that the Obama administration has rolled back US missile defence programs in Europe because of Russian objections.

Military to counter US missile shield: Medvedev

The Russian military must prepare to
counter US missile defence plans in Europe even as talks
between Moscow and Washington are ongoing, President Dmitry
Medvedev said.

Russia criticizes latest US missile defense deal

The criticism clouds prospects for cooperation between the former Cold War superpowers on the European missile shield.

Suspected US missile strikes kill 15 in Pakistan

Three American missile attacks killed 15 suspected militants on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border on Wednesday, Pakistani officials said.

Two US missile attacks kill 6 near Afghan border

The strikes targeted a vehicle and a motorcycle in the forested Bhangar area.

Targets survived US missile in Pakistan: Officials

Pak condemns the missile strikes as a violation of its sovereignty.

Five killed in US strike in Pakistan: Officials

The overnight attack happened in Kurram tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Moscow demands explanation over US missile deployment

Russia on Thursday said it wants an explanation from America and Poland on the deployment of US surface-to-air Patriot-type missiles near the Russian border.

Pakistani army kills 22 Taliban near Afghan border

Pakistani troops repulsed a Taliban attack Sunday on an army base and bombed two militant hide-outs close to the Afghan border, killing 22 insurgents in a region where the army is pressing an offensive, a government official said.

Suspected US missile kills 9: Pak officials

An apparent US missile attack destroyed a suspected militant compound in N-W Pak on Tuesday, killing at least nine people, intelligence officials said.

Russia worried by US missile defence plan

Russia has serious questions over the aims of fresh US missile defence plans for Europe, the foreign ministry said Friday, in Moscow`s strongest expression of concern yet over the new initiative.

US missile said to kill a top militant: Pakistan

The al Qaeda-linked leader of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is believed to have been killed by a US missile strike in Pakistan`s northwest, intelligence officials said on Friday. The Taliban denied the claim.

Rancor, relief on missile shield plan: East Europe

Czechs and Poles expressed rancor and relief Thursday that President Barack Obama had scrapped plans for a US missile defense shield on their territories, reflecting deep divisions over a proposal that had angered Russia.

13 killed as US drone target Haqqani hideout in Pak

An American drone today struck the suspected hideout of Afghan Taliban warlord Sirajuddin Haqqani in Pakistan`s north Waziristan, killing 13 militants, most of them from Afghanistan.