Syria rebels get US-made missiles: Source

Syrian rebels fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad for the first time received at least 20 US-made TOW anti-tank missiles from a "Western source," a rebel official told AFP on Tuesday.

Taiwan to arm subs with US missiles: Report

The Navy, which ordered the US-built Harpoon missiles in 2008, recently test-fired the weapons in the United States.

US drone attack kills 10 in Pakistan: Officials

A US drone aircraft killed 10 suspected militants in Pakistan`s North Waziristan region near the Afghanistan border.

US missiles kill 6 in northwestern Pakistan

The strike was targeting fighters of Maulvi Nazir, a Pak militant commander who is accused of working with Taliban, al Qaeda.

US missiles kill 4 in NW Pakistan

The CIA-led drone program is a source of tension between the United States and Pakistan.

US cattle inspectors leave Mexico amid drug war

Wearing a grey-felt cowboy hat, long-sleeve ivory-colored shirt and freshly laundered jeans, Dr. Arnoldo Gutierrez begins his daily rounds by walking into a dusty pen baking in the South Texas heat.

US missiles kill 25 militants in NW Pakistan

The officials said strike targeted a militant compound in Datta Khel area.

US missiles kill 8 kill in northwest Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence officials say a US missile strike has killed 8 alleged militants in NW Pak.

Alleged US missiles hit Pakistan, kill 6: Report

The four missiles struck a vehicle in Shera Tala village of North Waziristan.

US drone missiles kill 25 in Pakistan

The strikes took place in two villages in the Tirah Valley in Khyber region.

US missiles kill 5 militants in NW Pakistan

An unmanned aircraft fired four missiles at a house in Shaktoi, killing 5.

Suspected US missiles kill 6 in Pak: Intelligence

Suspected US missiles hit a house Tuesday in a Pak tribal region along Afghan border where Army has been battling Taliban fighters.

Suspected US missiles kill 3: Pakistan officials

Suspected US missiles struck a militant compound in northwestern Pakistan.

US missiles kill five in NW Pakistan: Officials

Officials say a suspected US missile strike has killed at least five people in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border.

23 militants killed in drone and Pak forces operations

American drones carried out one
of their deadliest strikes in Pakistan`s troubled northwest
firing 18 missiles to hit multiple Taliban targets, including
terrorist training camps, hideouts and vehicles killing 15

23 killed in US drone, anti-militant operations in Pakistan

Nineteen militants were among 23
people killed in the restive northwest Pakistan.

Alleged US missiles kill 4 in Pakistan: Officials

Officials say suspected US missiles have killed four alleged militants in Pakistan`s North Waziristan tribal area.

Iran tells Gulf states not to buy `ineffective` US missiles

A senior Iranian military official
told Gulf states on Thursday not to squander money on US missiles,
boasting that Iran can render them useless, the state news
agency IRNA reported.

Suspected US missiles kill 4: Pakistani officials

Suspected US missiles killed four people in northwest Pakistan, the latest in a surge of such attacks since a suicide bomber staged a deadly assault on CIA employees just across the border in Afghanistan.