US pastor says `Blood moon` was a sign from God

A church in the US has claimed that the total lunar eclipse that turned the moon a dark blood red was a "sign" from God and fulfilled an ancient prophecy foretold in the Bible.

US pastor home after being deported from Iran

A Christian US pastor arrived home Wednesday after being deported from Iran for staging a protest outside a Tehran prison, denouncing what he called the "belligerent" Islamic regime.

US pastor drops out of Obama inauguration over anti-gay sermon

The US pastor was selected earlier to give the benediction at the January 21 inauguration of US President Barack Obama.

Quran-burning pastor wants to be US president

Terry Jones wanted to burn a copy of Quran during the last year`s anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

US pastor who put up "Obama Is Evil" posts at church slammed

The controversial sign at ATLAH, which Manning changes from time to time, has targeted Obama since he took office.

Quran burning US pastor briefly jailed

Rev Terry Jones was briefly jailed for refusing to pay a "peace bond”.

US pastor supervises Quran burning, outrage in Pak

Jamaat-ud-Dawah announced a Rs 10 crore reward for anyone who kills Jones.

Britain bans US` anti-Quran pastor

US pastor Terry Jones had threatened to burn the Quran on 9/11 anniversary.

Quran-burning pastor told to pay £100K police bill

Terry Jones had planned to burn Quran on ninth anniversary of 9/11 attacks.

Pastor in Quran-burning row flying to New York

Terry Jones was going to New York to meet the imam behind Ground Zero mosque.

US pastor confirms he will not burn Quran

A Florida pastor suspended plans to burn hundreds of Qurans.

Arrest US Quran-burning pastor: Iranian ayatollah

A US pastor has proclaimed September 11 `International Burn a Quran Day`.