Wreckage of small US plane believed sunk in ocean, Jamaica says

The search for the wreckage of a small US private plane that crashed off the northeast coast of Jamaica continued into the evening on Saturday, after searchers spotted an oil slick where the aircraft is believed to have hit the water, authorities said.

Search underway for US plane that crashed off Jamaica

The US military was searching Saturday for a plane carrying three people that crashed off the coast of Jamaica in an incident that prompted rare coordination between Cuba and the United States.

Unresponsive private plane flies for over 1,700 miles, crashes off Jamaica

A private plane carrying a New York couple, both licensed pilots, has crashed into the sea off the coast of Jamaica, news reports stated on Saturday.

Unresponsive US plane crashes off coast of Jamaica

A small US private plane with an unresponsive pilot crashed off the coast of Jamaica on Friday after taking off from New York state bound for Florida earlier in the day, aviation officials said.

Plane lands on highway, taxies along road in US

In a shocking incident, a small plane after experiencing engine trouble made an emergency landing on a highway near Portland in the US during rush hour and taxied along the road without damaging any vehicles.

Landing gear issue leads to plane`s belly landing in US

An airline official says a US Airways flight with 34 people aboard was forced to make a belly landing at Newark International Airport.

US plane made emergency landing in Iran: Official

An American plane made an emergency landing in the Iranian city of Ahvaz about 20 days ago, an Iranian official revealed Sunday.

US man charged in hoax that led to plane`s recall

A man charged for making a hoax threat that caused a midair explosives scare ending with authorities recalling a Texas-bound plane in mid-air.

Plane emergency landing on US highway

A small executive plane carrying four people made an emergency landing on a southern Californian highway.

Reno crash killed 9; probe focuses on wayward part

The plane, flown by a 74-year-old veteran racer and Hollywood stunt pilot, disintegrated in a ball of dust and debris.

`No US plane forced down by North Korea jamming`

The Chosun Ilbo newspaper said on Friday the US aircraft had been involved in military exercises.

Stealth technology not from US plane: China

A report said China used technology taken from a downed US plane in program.

US plane diverted after passenger found smoking

American Airlines flight from NY to Los Angeles was diverted to Albuquerque.

US plane problem forces Clinton to delay Saudi departure

A mechanical problem on her US Air Force plane forced Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to postpone by hours her departure from Saudi Arabia and opt for another US flight back to Washington.

US plane makes emergency landing at New Jersey airport

A United Airlines flight that took off from O`Hare International Airport here had to make an emergency landing at New Jersey`s Newark Liberty International Airport after its right rear landing gear failed to deploy.

Venezuela jets intercepted US plane: Chavez

President Hugo Chavez said he ordered two F-16 jets to intercept a US military plane that twice entered Venezuelan skies on Friday, but Washington said none of its planes flew over the South American country`s airspace.

Nigerian terrorist `sexually frustrated`: Report

The 23-year-old Nigerian, charged
with attempting to destroy a US aircraft on its final approach
to Detroit airport, is a sexually frustrated loner who nurtured
fantasies about holy war, a British newspaper has claimed.

No indication plane attack part of larger plan: US

There was "no indication" to
suggest that a Nigerian terror suspect was acting as part of a
larger plot when he unsuccessfully attempted to blow up a US
plane midair on the Christmas Day.

Nigerian man charged with attempting to destroy US plane

A 23-year-old Nigerian man has
been charged with attempting to blow up a Northwest Airlines
aircraft when it was approaching Detroit airport on Christmas
day with 278 persons on board, officials said.

Canada finds possible US plane lost in 1942

Canadian divers have stumbled upon what they believe is the wreckage of a US Army air force amphibious plane that went down in the St Lawrence River in 1942.