US planes launch 18 strikes near besieged Syrian town of Kobane

US warplanes hit Islamic State jihadists with 18 bombing raids near the Syrian town of Kobane on Wednesday and yesterday, to support besieged Kurdish militia there, Central Command said.

US official warns Assad not to target US planes

US forces will target Syrian anti-aircraft systems if they take aim at American planes conducting strikes inside Syria against Islamic State rebels, a senior US official warned Monday.

FAA bans US airlines from flying over Syria

The US aviation regulator on Monday ordered airlines based in the United States to stop flying over Syria, citing a "serious potential threat" to civil planes.

US sends new reconnaissance planes to Japan

The US has announced to have deployed two of its next-generation reconnaissance aircraft to Japan amid increased tension in the region after China declared an Air Defense Identification Zone over a disputed area in the East China Sea.

Knives inside planes would make passengers unsafe: US airlines

Permitting knives, however small, in hand luggage will make passengers unsafe, two top US airlines have told a federal agency.

US to allow small knives, bats, clubs on planes

Airline passengers will be able to carry small knives, souvenir baseball bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment onto planes beginning next month.

No Chinese parts in US aircraft: India

None of the aircraft supplied to IAF by the United States contain `counterfeit` electronic parts supplied by Chinese companies, Defence Minister AK Antony told Lok Sabha.

US planes collide on taxiway at Boston airport

Atlanta-based Delta says both aircraft have been removed
from service for inspections. Passengers are being put on
other planes.

`Pak detected US planes near border before Osama raid`

Report says radars at Peshawar, Risalpur were functioning normally on May 2.