Cheney book renews post-9/11 US policy fights

Former vice president Dick Cheney`s new memoir rips open old wounds among aides to president George W Bush.

Reconsider US policy after Rana verdict: Modi

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi said that the clean chit given to Tahawwur Rana in Mumbai terror attack-related charges by a US court was a `foreign policy setback`, and demanded that India reconsider its policy towards the US.

No policy change on Kashmir: US

Asserting that there was "no
change" in its policy on Kashmir, the US has said the issue
ultimately lies in the hands of India and Pakistan to have a
"significant dialogue" in resolving the dispute.

Diplomatic cables not part of US policy: Hillary

Hillary acknowledges Defence Deptt didn`t handle classified papers properly.

Putin trusts Obama but doubts US policy in Georgia, Europe

Russian PM says that in high politics, there was always element of cheating.

ElBaradei blasts `failure` of Western Mideast policy: Report

Former UN nuclear chief Mohamed ElBaradei has warned the West`s support of authoritarian regimes in the Middle East risks encouraging Islamic extremism, in an interview with a British paper on Thursday.

Myanmar`s Suu Kyi supports US policy of engagement

Detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is aware of an upcoming visit by two American officials and supports the new US policy of engaging with Myanmar`s military rulers, her lawyer said on Saturday.

Poll finds soaring European support for US policy

European support for the US president`s handling of foreign policy has soared since President Barack Obama took over from former President George W Bush.

No change in US policy towards N Korea: Hillary Clinton

Despite Pyongyang releasing
two American nationals early this month, there has been no
change in the US policy towards North Korea, Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton has said.