Chelsea Clinton ponders entering politics

With ex-president Bill Clinton as her father and the former secretary of state and would-be first female president as mother, Chelsea has politics in her blood.

As a show of solidarity with federal workers, Obama takes 5% salary cut

As show of solidarity with federal workers reeling under $85 billion austerity measure due to government-wide spending cuts, US President Obama has decided to return 5% of his salary to US Treasury.

Hillary Clinton ready to be `out of public eye`

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear that she won`t be serving in a second Obama term if there is one.

US politics must change after Arizona gun attack: Bill Clinton

Former US prez calls on the House to "lead the way" in toning down discourse.

Politics driving CIA interrogation probe: Cheney

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says politics are driving the Justice Department`s decision to investigate whether CIA interrogators abused terror suspects detained after the Sept. 11 attacks.