Round 3 goes to Obama before dead heat race

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney clashed over issues ranging from Afghanistan and Pakistan to rise of China to Libya, Israel, Iran and the Middle East.

Obama, Romney to spar over foreign policy in final debate

President Barack Obama is preparing to clash with his Republican rival Mitt Romney over foreign policy issues like Libya, Iran, China and situation in the Af-Pak region in their last US presidential debate.

‘Romney a notch above Obama ahead of debate’

Prior to that debate Romney averaged less than a one-point lead over Obama among likely voters, Gallup said.

Romney, Obama brace for second debate in New York

Romney`s spirited performance in the first debate Oct 3 has put the Republican ahead of the incumbent in opinion polls.

Want free pizza for life? Pop a question at prez debate

to one who asks either Obama or Romney the age-old question - sausage or pepperoni? will get FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE.

Obama energised for the next debate in New York

Barack Obama is energized and taking lessons from last debate as he will face Mitt Romney in New York next week.

Romney calls 47% howler ‘just completely wrong’

“I said something that’s just completely wrong,” Romney said in an interview.

That was not `real` Romney I debated: Obama

US President Barack Obama blasted his Republican challenger for not being "the real Mitt Romney" by contradicting his own beliefs.

Obama aides concede Romney won debate on ‘style’

Barack Obama’s campaign aides have conceded that Republican rival Mitt Romney won the Denver debate on ‘style points’.

Obama wishes Michelle happy anniversary at start of debate

Barack Obama started the first presidential debate by greeting his wife and the First Lady on their wedding anniversary.

`Stylish` Romney overshadows Obama in 1st prez debate

The debate witnessed an aggressive Mitt Romney stealing the show as compared to a cautious and smug Barack Obama.

Romney scores in debate with attacks on Gingrich

Often derided as a lukewarm debater, Romney lashed out at Gingrich for resigning as Speaker of the US House of Representatives under an ethical cloud and repeatedly labeled him an influence peddler.