Boehner says he`s nudged Jeb Bush on presidency

The top Republican in Congress has delivered the strongest hints about his preference for the White House.

Democrats overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton to run in 2016

An overwhelming majority of Democrats back Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016, according to a new poll.

Ready for Hillary’ raise $1 mn in June, has 10k donors

"Ready for Hillary" has more than 10,000 grass root donors who have collected USD 1 million in June.

2016 US presidential aspirants need `head examined`: Jindal

Indian-American Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal has said Republicans thinking about the 2016 presidential race need to get their "head examined".

Obama praises Romney says would meet him this year

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday praised Mitt Romney for a terrific job with the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Florida icing on Obama cake

Four days after his re-election, US Prez Barack Obama has finally been declared winner in Florida, taking his tally of electoral college votes to 332.

`Mitt Romney willing to work in Obama administration`

Republican Mitt Romney would be willing to work in President Barack Obama`s administration despite being defeated in the White House race, one of his friends has disclosed.

Photo of Obama hugging Michelle is most ‘liked’ on Facebook

A picture in which US President Barack Obama is seen hugging his wife Michelle after winning the 2012 White House race has become the most ``Liked`` picture on Facebook.

Obama’s ‘four more years’ post most popular tweet

US President Barack Obama’s tweet proclaiming ‘four more years’ has become the most popular post on the micro blogging platform ever.

Dalai Lama congratulates Obama on re-election

The Dalai Lama Obama on his re-election and hoped his administration would take steps to find a solution to the series of self-immolations in Tibet.

Voting machine in Pennsylvania swaps Obama with Romney

The machine in Pennsylvania was taken out of service after being captured on video changing a vote for Obama into one for Romney, NBC News reported.

Facebook tracks real-time voters in US election

Facebook users in the US can let the world know they voted in the US presidential election Tuesday, with results displaying on a real-time map on the popular social networking site.

Sunita Williams voted for US elections by absentee ballot

Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams has already voted by absentee ballot, but if she wanted she could have voted in the US presidential election from her home in space on election day itself.

US Presidential Election: Romney. Obama claim victory

Both the Democrat and Republican camps have claimed victory ahead of the crucial presidential elections set for Tuesday.

White House race: What happens if it`s a tie?

With the White House race still a dead heat, the Nov 6 night could turn out to be the longest night with no clear winner emerging on the morrow.

Obama, Romney plunge into campaign`s final 2 weeks

Obama is hammering Romney over his sudden shift to moderate positions both at home and abroad after months of campaigning as a hard-right conservative.

‘Budgetless’ Romney ‘thinks we’re dumb’: Bill Clinton

During a campaign rally for President Barack Obama in Parma, Ohio, former president Bill Clinton went after Mitt Romney’s tax plan, alleging that the Republican ‘thinks we’re dumb.’

Obama, Romney register complain against moderator`s role

Both Obama and Romney campaigns have complained to the Commission on Prez Debates about the moderator of the second presidential debate.

Romney tied with Obama in Colorado

According to CBS News, in Virginia, the presidential race remains essentially unchanged, with Obama holding on to a small lead over Romney.

Porn industry extends support to Barack Obama

The adult entertainment industry has overwhelmingly favoured re-electing President Barack Obama to a second term.