Obama to have lunch with Romney at White House

Barack Obama will meet his vanquished rival Mitt Romney over lunch tomorrow, their first face-to-face encounter since the election.

US election results drape Empire State Building

The Empire State Building on Wednesday was bathed in blue light to mark US President Barack Obama`s re-election, as results were projected on the iconic skyscraper.

Non-Americans across globe want Obama to win: poll

Non-Americans from across the globe, including India, want incumbent President Barack Obama to emerge victorious.

NY Governor allows voters to cast ballots at any poll site

Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that registered voters can cast their ballot at any poll site in the state for the presidential elections Tuesday.

Americans reluctant to oust sitting president

Barack Obama being President has an advantage: he is the US president, and Americans are historically reluctant to kick out their commander-in-chief.

Obama to give interviews and play basketball on election day

Barack Obama will spend the election day in his home town of Chicago, playing basketball with friends and giving a dozen satellite interviews.

What happens if US presidential election ends in a tie?

What if national polls showing US President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney ends in a statistical tie.

Over one-third votes already casted for US Prez polls

As US go to pools this morning to decide who will sit in the White House, over one-third of the voters have already exercised their franchise.

US Polls: Obama, Romney camps eye magical `270` figure

Owing to the unique nature of American political system, both the camps in fray for the presidential polls will be eying the magical figure of `270`.

Obama Vs Romney race headed for a photo-finish

With just a day to go for the US presidential elections, both contestants -- incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney -- are leaving no stone unturned to woo the voters.

Obama takes early vote lead in key states?

With more than 28 million Americans having already voted for the US Presidential polls that is described as too close to call, the Obama and Romney campaigns have started claiming that the numbers are favouring them.

4 years on, `change` is still US election keyword

The two candidates are in virtual tie, according to polls in four other battle ground states of Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

A historic US election in the making

For Obama, as an incumbent president running for re-election, the race for the Democratic nomination was largely uneventful.

Obama Vs Romney: Giving America back to Americans

The battle lines are drawn in one of the most closely fought US Presidential elections in recent years.

Ahead of polls, US kids vote for Obama as president

An unscientific online poll has found more than half a million American children choosing incumbent Barack Obama over his Republican rival Mitt Romney.