American who hijacked jet to Cuba gets 20 years

An American who returned from Cuba decades after hijacking a jetliner to the communist island was sentenced today to 20 years in US prison but will be eligible for early release on parole, an acknowledgement by prosecutors of the years he spent behind bars in Cuba.

Saudi man moved to federal prison in US

A Saudi man convicted of sexual assaulting his housekeeper has been moved from a US state prison to a federal prison.

`Iranian released from US prison to be deported`

An Iranian whose release
reportedly had been sought by Iran`s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is undergoing deportation proceedings after serving a five year prison sentence for arms smuggling.

Bagram prisoner`s bid for freedom rebuffed in UK

In December, lawyers won a writ from the court to compel British officials to bring the prisoner before the court.

UK spies won`t face criminal charges for torture

Agents working for UK spy agencies won`t face criminal charges over their alleged complicity in torturing Gitmo inmates.

WikiLeaks suspect transferred to another US prison

Bradley Manning would be taken to Washington as needed for legal proceedings.

Somali gets 25 years in US prison for piracy

Jama Idle Ibrahim was sentenced for role in capturing MV CEC Future in 2008.

Somali pirates sentenced to life in US prison

A US court sentenced five Somali pirates to life in prison for attacking an American frigate last year on an anti-piracy mission off the east coast of Africa.

Ex-media baron Conrad Black freed from US prison

Ex-media baron Conrad Black has been freed from prison on USD 2 million bond.

US prison eyed for Gitmo inmates: White House

The Obama administration may buy a near-empty prison in rural Illinois to house detainees from Guantanamo Bay along with federal inmates, a White House official has said.