Significant rights abuses by Indian police, forces: US report

A US Congress-mandated report today said that abuses by police and security forces are the most significant human rights problems in India, but that the government had made some "progress" in cases seeking to punish officials for killings during the 2002 Gujarat riots.

New US report links more diseases, health problems to smoking

Smoking - known to cause lung cancer and heart disease - can even trigger diabetes, erectile dysfunction, arthritis, blindness and liver cancer, according to a new US report released today which also found that modern cigarettes are more dangerous than ever.

India made moderate progress on child labour issue: US report

Worst forms of child labour continue to exist in many sectors in India, but the country has made moderate advancement towards eliminating the menace, according to an official US report.

Pakistani Hindus worst victims of rape: US report

Hindus in Pakistan are the worst victims of rape, says a report by an independent American group.

India remains subject to violent terrorist attacks: US report

India continued to be one of the most persistently targeted countries by transnational terrorist groups like LeT, a US report has said.

Shifting focus from India, LeT becoming global: US report

Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) is a Pakistani militant group that has waged a campaign of asymmetric warfare against Indian security forces in Kashmir for two decades.

India respects religious freedom: US report

India has been lauded by an official US report for "generally respecting" religious freedom.

China issues report on human rights in US

The Chinese report said violations of civil and political rights have been "severe" in the US.

US criticism over human rights `biased`: China

China has suggested the United States to stop interfering in other nations` internal affairs.

Human rights deteriorating in China: US

The US State Department also said that Vietnam continued to severely restrict political rights and freedom of expression to its citizens.

China may have 3,000 N-Warheads: US report

US official could not be reached to comment on the report,
Washington Post said.

Hall of Shame? Italy PM on US trafficking report

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi is alleged to have
sexual relationship with a Moroccan-born underage prostitute.

Pak abets Afghan insurgents: US report

US says Pak continues to tolerate and abet the insurgency in Afghanistan in pursuit of a friendly Kabul govt with limited Indian influence.

US less upbeat about Pak following chill in ties

A US report assessing the Obama administration’s policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan is less upbeat about the latter.

Narendra Modi may be BJP`s PM choice: Advani

LK Advani will attend Narendra Modi`s three-day fast in Ahmedabad starting on Saturday.

US doubts Pakistan can prosecute 26/11 plotters

A US State Department report has noted that three in four terror suspects are acquitted in Pakistan.

Lesser deaths in India in terror acts: US report

India experienced lesser number of deaths due to extremism last year, but still it remains one of the most terrorism-afflicted nations, a US report said.

India a difficult place to work: US report

A US report says that employees of the American mission face "health
and security risks" in India.

India may export N-reactors soon: US report

India could soon join a select
group of countries like US, China and France which export
nuclear reactors, a Congressional report has said.

China adding to weapon proliferation: US report

Report alleges that China is providing nuclear and missile technology to countries like Iran and Pakistan.