Obama marks anniversary of key school desegregation ruling

President Barack Obama marked the 60-year anniversary of a landmark ruling that ordered the desegregation of US schools, citing a "long struggle to stamp out bigotry and racism."

Sikh children face `Bin Laden` or `terrorist` abuse in US

More than half of Sikh children in US schools endure bullying with over two-thirds of turbaned Sikh children among its worst victims, according to a new national report.

Brutally cold weather shuts schools, delays travel in US Midwest

Bitter cold and high winds surging down from the Arctic pushed wind chills to dangerous levels across the upper Midwest on Monday, forcing officials to close schools and warn drivers off roads, and slowing public transit and river traffic.

Schools evacuated after shooting threat in US

All schools in Monterey Park, a city beside Los Angeles, were evacuated on Thursday morning after police received an anonymous phone call threatening a shooting in an unknown campus.

`Suspicious letters mailed to US schools`

US authorities are probing some 29 letters that have been packed with suspicious white powder.

Oprah gives $6 million to US schools

Oprah Winfrey said on Monday she would give a total of $6 million to six educational organizations that help to turn around troubled U.S. schools.