Taliban sympathiser posts pictures of smiling US captive

US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years, appeared smiling alongside a commander from the militant Haqqani network in a photo posted on a Twitter account by a supporter of the Afghan Taliban.

Taliban post picture of commander with smiling US captive

US soldier Bowe Bergdahl, who was held captive by the Taliban for five years, appeared smiling alongside an alleged Haqqani commander in a photo posted on a Twitter account purporting to be from the Afghan Taliban.

US soldier swap with Taliban was `right decision`: Hagel

Strongly defending US` decision to swap five Taliban detainees for an American soldier, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Wednesday said it was the "right decision" despite the "very high risk" involved.

Taliban says captured US soldier was treated well

The Taliban said today that US Sgt Bowe Bergdahl was treated well during the five years they held him captive in Afghanistan and was even allowed to play soccer with the men holding him.

The spokesman, Zaibullah Mujahid, told The Associated Press by telephone that Bergdahl was held under "good conditions," and was given fresh fruit and any other foods he requested.

`Bowie Bergdahl had walked away from Army unit`

The disappearance of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl had walked away from the unit, a Pentagon investigation report concluded in 2010 after he went missing from his post.

Qatar gave security guarantees on transferred prisoners

President Barack Obama said Saturday the Qatari government had given the United States security guarantees over five Guantanamo Bay prisoners transferred to secure the release of a US soldier in Afghanistan.

Barack Obama announces release of US soldier held in Afghanistan

US President Barack Obama said on Saturday that an American soldier held for half a decade in Afghanistan has been freed.

Taliban ready to deal on captive US soldier

The captors of an American soldier held for nearly five years in Afghanistan have signalled a willingness to release him but are unclear which US government officials have the authority to make a deal, according to two individuals in the military working for his release.

Hagel apologises for delay in awarding medal to US soldier

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel has apologised to a former US soldier for having to wait years before his valour was recognised with the Medal of Honor.

Female US soldier pleads guilty to desertion

A female soldier in the US Army pleaded guilty to two counts of desertion after fleeing to Canada to avoid a second tour of duty in the Iraq war.

Alaska-based soldier gets 16 years in spy case

An Alaska-based military policeman was sentenced to 16 years in prison and will receive a dishonourable discharge.

US soldier to `face death penalty` for Afghan shooting rampage

A US soldier, who had been accused of killing 16 Afghan villagers in a shooting rampage, could face the death penalty if he is found guilty of murder.

US soldier faces hearing in Afghanistan massacre

The US soldier accused of carrying out one of the worst atrocities of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars appeared in a military courtroom.

US soldier gets life for plot to blow up troops

A US soldier convicted of collecting bomb-making materials for a "massive attack" on a Texas restaurant full of troops was sentenced to life in prison.

Afghanistan suspect was loath to deploy: Lawyer

The US soldier is suspected of going on a shooting rampage in villages near his base in southern Afghanistan early Sunday.

Afghans angry over removal of accused US soldier

Afghans lawmakers have expressed anger over the US move to fly an American soldier accused of killing 16 civilians out of the country to Kuwait.

Video shows soldier surrendering: Afghan official

The US soldier who allegedly shot 16 Afghan villagers was caught on surveillance video that showed him walking up to his base to surrender.

Afghan recounts US soldier shooting his father

An Afghan youth recounted on Monday the terrifying scenes when a lone US soldier went on a killing spree.

Afghan Parliament condemns civilian killings

Afghanistan`s Parliament condemned on Monday the massacre of 16 civilians by a lone US soldier.

US soldier kills up to 16 Afghan civilians

A US soldier has been detained in Afghanistan for shooting and wounding several civilians in southern province Kandahar.