US troops shown as Indian Army soldiers on Martyrs Day hoardings across Chandigarh!
US troops shown as Indian Army soldiers on Martyrs Day hoardings across Chandigarh!

On a day which was meant to remember and salute the sacrifice made by India's three great sons on the solemn occasion of Martyr's Day, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation ended up committing an embarrassing goof-up.

Canadian charged with Iraq killings of 5 US soldiers

A Canadian man will appear in a New York court on Saturday accused of conspiracy and murder over the killing of five US soldiers in Iraq, US prosecutors said.

Two US soldiers killed in bomb attack in Afghan capital: Sources

Two US soldiers were killed when their vehicle was hit by a bomb in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, officials and sources said.

Kin of dead US soldiers sue 5 banks over Iran dealings

Families of US soldiers killed in Iraq and soldiers wounded there in attacks linked to Iran sued five European banks Monday, alleging their business with Iran helped finance the attacks.

Mistaken US bombing blamed on miscommunication

A mistaken bombing in Afghanistan that killed five US soldiers and one Afghan in June was caused by a series of avoidable miscommunications among air and ground forces, according to a military investigation.

Mental illness higher in US soldiers than in civilians: Study

Many American soldiers suffer from some form of mental illness, and rates of many of these disorders are much higher in soldiers than in civilians, the largest study of mental-health risk among the US military has found.

Six US soldiers killed in Afghan helicopter crash

Six US troops from the NATO mission in Afghanistan were killed and one was wounded in a helicopter crash on Tuesday, with officials saying it was not a suspected Taliban strike.

Karzai wants Obama to admit military mistakes in Afghanistan

Afghan President Hamid Karzai wants a letter written by US President Barack Obama that will acknowledge military mistakes made during 12-year war in his country in return for allowing American counterterrorism raids on private Afghan homes, a media report said.

Seven American service members killed in Afghanistan

Seven US soldiers and a member of the NATO-led coalition were killed in one of the deadliest days for Americans and other foreign troops in Afghanistan in recent months.

John Mayer shows support for US soldiers by painting veteran`s home

John Mayer, who donated proceeds from his 2012 tour to help US` former servicemen and women, picked up a paintbrush for the Veterans Build 2013 campaign.

Al Qaeda in Yemen offers ‘gold bounty’ for killing US envoy, soldiers

Al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen has offered a bounty of gold worth 160,000 dollars to anyone who assassinates US ambassador Gerald M Feierstein.

US punishes 6 soldiers for burning Quran in Afghan

The US will hand over administrative punishment to its six soldiers for their role in desecration of Holy Quran in Afghanistan early this year

Uniformed man kills 3 US soldiers in Afghanistan

In the latest violence in Afghanistan, three American soldiers have been killed by a uniformed Afghan man.

US soldiers found posing with remains of suicide bombers

US troops posed with mangled remains of suspected Taliban suicide bombers in a new macabre incident to come to light.

100 US soldiers confined after missing equipment

Authorities conducted an inventory last month and are
trying to determine how long the equipment has been missing.

Taliban kill four US soldiers in Afghanistan

The Taliban claimed to have destroyed a US tank and killed four soldiers.

8 US soldiers charged in death of bullied comrade

Even before the Army sent him to Afghanistan, supporters say, Pvt. Daniel Chen was fighting a personal war.

2 US soldiers accused of raping teenagers in Korea

The US has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War.

US soldiers violate Pak law by entering Peshawar

US military officials forcefully entered Peshawar and broke a police blockade on motorway toll plaza.

Obama mourns killing of US soldiers in Afghanistan

Thirty-one US special forces and seven Afghan soldiers were killed when the Taliban shot down their helicopter.