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Top US CEOs call for overhaul of corporate tax code

A group of 16 powerful CEOs in the US today called for an overhaul of the corporate tax code and asked lawmakers to accept the controversial proposal that would reduce cost of exports but heavily penalise imports.

Tax scare on Yahoo's Alibaba stake spin-off seen premature

Yahoo Inc`s planned spin-off of its stake in Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is likely to proceed on a tax-free basis, analysts said, as Yahoo shares regained most of their losses after concerns of a possible change in U.S. tax rules spurred a slide on Tuesday.

Barack Obama unveils $4 trillion US budget

Barack Obama unveils $4 trillion US budget

President Barack Obama has put forward a $4 trillion budget loaded with spending and tax reforms that will likely be dead on arrival at the Republican-controlled Congress.

Burger King has maneuvered to cut US tax bill for years

Burger King may have taken a lot of flack in the past week for a deal that should curb its US tax bill but in many ways it is consistent with the burger chain’s aggressive tax-reduction strategies in recent years.

Credit Suisse stock climbs after US tax fraud deal

Shares in Credit Suisse climbed on Tuesday, a day after the Swiss banking giant was fined $2.6 billion by US authorities after pleading guilty to helping Americans avoid taxes.

Credit Suisse CEO faces more calls to quit in US tax dispute

Credit Suisse Chief Executive Brady Dougan came under further pressure to resign on Sunday, with a key figure in Switzerland`s largest party becoming the latest politician to call for a change in the bank`s leadership over its role in helping rich Americans dodge tax.

18 US firms skirted tax of $92 bn by stashing funds in tax havens

According to the Huffington Post, the Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ) report claimed that if the companies involved had brought their combined profits to their home country, they would have ended paying 92 billion dollars in taxes.

Obama asks Republicans to compromise to avert fiscal cliff

US President Barack Obama has asked Republicans to move beyond partisan objections to compromise with him on averting the year-end fiscal cliff.

Barack Obama vows to raise taxes on the rich

Flush with victory, a combative President Barack Obama made clear he would push hard to increase taxes on the rich, fiercely defended his UN ambassador and insisted the Petraeus affair had not caused a security breach.

Buffett pokes fun at himself at annual meeting

At Saturday's Berkshire Hathaway meeting Buffett joked about the fame Debbie Bosanek gained because he says she pays a higher tax rate than he does.

Obama pushes for higher taxes on wealthy

Intensifying his populist pitch, US President Barack Obama has made an aggressive case for imposing more taxes on the rich and criticised those opposing his 'Buffet Rule'.