War is US`s biggest export: Susan Sarandon

War is the biggest export of the US, followed by films, according to Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon.

Visas slow for Iraqis who helped US war efforts

The federal government has issued less than a quarter of the 25,000 visas created for Iraqis who helped American efforts during the Iraq War and the programme is set to end this year.

Petraeus to commence third US ‘war’ in Pakistan as CIA chief: Report

David Petraeus has served as commander in two wars launched by US post 9/11.

`Tangible progress` in Afghanistan war: Pentagon

Pentagon said Taliban insurgents are forced out of key southern strongholds.

UN rights chiefs lead new assault on US

UN human rights chiefs and experts launched a new offensive on the US conduct of its "war on terror" and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.