Two US ships arrive in Black Sea before Sochi Olympics

Two US warships have arrived in the Black Sea and will stand ready to offer assistance in the case of a security emergency at the Sochi Olympic games.

Iran monitors US warships movement in Persian Gulf: Navy chief

Iran`s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Tuesday that the Iranian naval forces enjoy full intelligence command over all the movements of US warships in the Persian Gulf.

`US-led war games detrimental to Asia-Pacific stability`

US warships and fighter jets have participated in almost 20 war games in the Asia-Pacific region in the past 7 months.

Iran expands fleet of fast-attack boats and submarines

According to the report, US officials describe the Iranian naval buildup as part of an effort by the Islamic Republic to bolster its military credibility in the region.

US warships cross Hormuz despite Iran threats

In response to Tehran`s threats, the US military said that any attempt to disrupt shipping in the Strait of Hormuz would not be tolerated.

Two US warships cross Egypt`s Suez Canal

The two US vessels entered the Suez Canal on Saturday from the Red Sea.