Non-violence is the need of present world: Acharya Muni

At a time when humanity is facing the problems of war, violence and terrorism, non-violence is the need of the hour, an Indian spiritual leader has said.

Flash flood kills seven in Utah

Flash floods in the western state of Utah have killed at least seven people, state officials said.

Utah could become only US state to restore firing squad

Utah could become the only US state to restore the firing squad as a method of execution after lawmakers approved a bill on the emotive issue on Tuesday.

Toddler rescued from car 14 hours after Utah river plunge

A toddler who was rescued after being trapped for more than 14 hours inside a car that had plunged into a Utah river was in stable but critical condition on Sunday, police said.

US Justice Department reviewing Utah man's killing by police

The US Department of Justice is investigating the shooting of a young black man killed by white police officers while wielding a samurai sword at a shopping centre, according to a letter released by the man's family.

Utah woman seeks Guinness World Records title for catching most 'bridal bouquets'
Utah woman seeks Guinness World Records title for catching most 'bridal bouquets'

A woman from Utah has claimed that she made record for catching most bridal bouquetsat weddings and now wants to make things official.

LeBron James shakes off flu as Cavaliers win fourth in a row
LeBron James shakes off flu as Cavaliers win fourth in a row

A day after missing practice due to illness, LeBron James scored 26 points to lead Cleveland over Utah 106-92 Wednesday, giving the Cavaliers their fourth consecutive NBA victory.

17 US states sue to block Obama's order on immigration

A coalition of 17 US states led by Texas have filed a federal lawsuit aiming to block implementation of President Barack Obama`s executive order shielding some five million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

SC ruling gives big boost to gay marriages in US

The United States Supreme Court has rejected appeals against gay marriages in five states including, Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin.

US Supreme Court declines to take up gay marriage cases

The US Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear gay marriage cases from five states, opening the door to more same-sex weddings while putting off a nationwide decision on the hot-button issue.

Infertile woman pregnant with 'two' pairs of identical twins in 1-in-70m chance

A couple in US, who has been trying for a baby for eight years, is expecting 'two' pairs of identical twins, which believed to be a one-in-70 million chance.

Plant-eating 'King Nose' dinosaurs roamed Utah plains 75mn yrs ago
Plant-eating 'King Nose' dinosaurs roamed Utah plains 75mn yrs ago

A new research has revealed about the discovery of a hadrosaur species with a truly distinctive nasal profile that lived approximately 75 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period.

Utah woman charged with murder in baby deaths

A woman was charged with six counts of first-degree murder in the killing of her six babies over a decade, but she cannot face the death penalty if convicted, prosecutors said.

Tie-breakers set order, lottery odds in NBA Draft

Defending champion Miami lost a couple of places in the NBA Draft selection order while Utah gained slightly better odds at the top pick after tie-breaker drawings were made Friday.

Trapped in canyon for 3 days, US man, sons survive

A Utah man and his two young sons survived a harrowing three days trapped in a remote canyon with scant food and water before they were rescued by a chopper.

Nowitzki and Nash make NBA history

A pair of former Dallas Maverick teammates, Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash, made National Basketball Association history on the same night by achieving a couple of milestones.

Tiger Woods to miss Masters after back surgery

World number one Tiger Woods said Tuesday he will miss the Masters after undergoing back surgery earlier this week to treat a pinched nerve that has been troubling him for several months.

Jurassic era dinosaur footprint stolen near Utah

A `priceless` three-toed dinosaur track, believed to date back to 190 million years, has been stolen from a trail near Utah.

`Fastest mom` ready to fly in Sochi

Noelle Pikus-Pace is on a mission to win Olympic gold - and the American skeleton racer - dubbed the `fastest mom on ice` - will not let anything distract her from making it third time lucky.

US Supreme Court temporarily blocks gay marriage in Utah

The US Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked gay marriages in Utah pending the western state`s appeal of a federal judge`s ruling allowing same-sex marriage.