Delhi govt suggests schools to observe 'Hepatitis Hour'

In a bid to eliminate Hepatitis disease, Delhi government has suggested that schools should devote at least an hour every month to spread awareness about the disease among students so that they can carry it forward in the society.

WHO says millions of candidate Ebola vaccine doses will be made available by 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that millions of doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine will be made available by next year- the trial for which is expected to begin in selected countries of West Africa this December.

Personalised vaccine to treat ovarian cancer

With a new way to identify protein mutations in cancer cells, an Indian-origin researcher has developed a technique to create personalised vaccines to treat patients with ovarian cancer.

Three infants die after measles vaccination in UP

Three infants were killed and few others taken ill allegedly after being administered measles vaccine during a drive in Muttaur village here, police said today.

Soon, a vaccine to avoid urinary tract infections linked to catheters

A new research has revealed about the development of a vaccine that stops urinary tract infections linked to catheters in mice.

Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Three new polio cases have been detected in Pakistan, media reported Friday.


World Hepatitis Day: India has the second highest number of Hepatitis B infected

Today marks World Hepatitis Day. Established by the World Health Assembly in 2010, this is the fourth celebration of the annual day.This day makes a clarion call for the change in attitude to viral hepatitis and bring about awareness about this global disease.This year’s theme, ‘Think Again’ acknowledges that `we do not know nearly enough about viral hepatitis as a health threat in much of the world.`

Three new polio cases detected in Pakistan

Three new polio cases has been detected in Pakistan`s Khyber Agency region, a media report said Tuesday.

Cholera vaccine is 86 per cent effective: Study

A cheap and easy to deliver oral vaccine against cholera is 86 per cent effective in preventing the infection which causes severe diarrhea and can be fatal, researchers said today.

Will not use vaccination programmes for spying:CIA

A top White House official has assured the deans of prominent US public health schools that the CIA will no longer use vaccination programmes as cover for spying operations.

Polio vaccine being given under army cover in Pakistan

Polio workers continued to administer polio drops Thursday under the protection of the army in Pakistan`s Khyber tribal region in the fourth phase of polio vaccination drive.

Four reasons why you should get your child vaccinated!

Raising a child is a huge challenge. As parents, protecting your child`s health and safety is the most important thing to you.

Jenny McCarthy insists she is not `anti-vaccine`

Jenny McCarthy, who was slammed for supposedly not being in favor of vaccinations, has hit back at her critics, insisting she is not `anti-vaccine`.

Pakistan to vaccinate 750,000 children in troubled northwest

Pakistani health teams will Sunday launch a drive to vaccinate some 750,000 children in the troubled northwest, with thousands of police guarding against attacks by militants who claim the polio campaign is a front for spying.

22.53 lakh children administered polio drops in Haryana

About 22.53 lakh children below the age of five were administered polio drops as a part of the second round of the Pulse Polio immunisation drive in all districts of Haryana.

Nobel recipient recommends vaccinations to reduce cancer risk

Nobel Prize winner German virologist Harald zur Hausen has recommended vaccinations to prevent cancers linked to human papilloma viruses (HPV).

New research in vaccination for infants` virus

New research from the University of Warwick into a common virus which can be fatal for babies under six months suggests a strategy of vaccinating older siblings could reduce deaths and serious illness in infants.

Anti-swine flu vaccination ups risk of narcolepsy in young adults

A team of scientists have associated Pandemrix - an influenza vaccination - to an increased risk of narcolepsy in young adults.

Free Hepatitis B vaccination project launched

VGM Hospital here today launched its project of free vaccination for Hepatitis B to 10,000 poor and needy children of Coimbatore district.

SMSes a novel way to boost vaccination

Sending SMS alerts can help boost the rate of vaccination among low-income groups in developing countries like India.