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Odisha to give bauxite to Vedanta

An Odisha minister on Saturday said that rejection of the mining proposal on Niyamgiri hills was 'unfortunate' and steps would be taken to alternatively source bauxite for Vedanta's refinery.

SC stalls Vedanta's Niyamgiri mining, Gram Sabhas to decide rights

Vedanta Group's Bauxite Mining Project in Niyamgiri hills of Odisha would remain stalled as the Supreme Court Thursday directed that clearance to the venture would be subject to the Gram Sabha deciding the cultural and religious claims of the tribes and forest dwellers of Rayagada and Kalahandi districts.

Labourers demand bauxite for Vedanta refinery

Demonstrations are being staged by labourers of Vedanta's Lanjigarh almunia refinery demanding bauxite for the factory.

Vedanta's alumina refinery shuts down in Odisha

"We are forced to close down the Lanjigarh refinery due to depletion of stock of bauxite. Despite efforts over the past three months, we were unable to ensure sustainable supplies," CEO of Vedanta Aluminium Mukesh Kumar said over phone.

Vedanta hopeful of arranging certain bauxite for its refinery

"The state government is taking steps to arrange bauxite and we are doing it in our level. We hope to arrange some bauxite for the purpose," Vedanta Chief Operating Officer Mukesh Kumar told reporters.