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Thousands protest in Venezuela demanding President Maduro's resignation

Dressed in white and waving banners and signs demanding Maduro`s resignation, they gathered at seven points across the city to march through the streets, converging in the east of the capital

Maduro vows no recall referendum before next year

Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro has vowed that no referendum on ending his administration would be held until next year.

Venezuela president extends economic emergency

Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has decreed a two-month extension on emergency powers meant to help shore up the country's crippled economy.

Venezuelan opposition gears up in primary vote

Venezuela`s main opposition coalition held primary elections on Sunday, launching the race for legislative polls in which it hopes to beat embattled President Nicolas Maduro`s ruling party.

Venezuelan President weds long-time partner

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that he and long-time partner Cilia Flores were married in a private ceremony presided over by Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez.

President Hugo Chavez `stable`: Venezuela Govt

Chavez is in a "stable situation" in a Cuban hospital receiving treatment due to an infection, his government has said.

Chavez inauguration may be postponed

President Hugo Chavez can reportedly begin his fourth term after re-election even if he is unable to attend a swearing-in ceremony owing to his illness.

Chavez wins re-election, but Venezuela faces economic limits

Hugo Chavez promises to deepen the public aid programs and reforms that have formed his vaunted 21st century socialism.

Colombia-US base agreement continues to irk Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez charged that the controversial new US deal to use Colombian military bases means US troops can move anywhere within the South American country.

Venezuelan President’s shot at golf `out of bounds`: US

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was "out of bounds" by suggesting that golf was a bourgeois sport, the US State Department has said, defending the sport as a "truly global" game played by people with a variety of backgrounds.

Venezuela`s President returns envoy to Colombia

Venezuela`s President Hugo Chavez on Saturday ordered his Ambassador back to Colombia a few days after withdrawing him amid a crisis over plans to increase the number of US troops in the neighbouring country.