‘Berlusconi to pay ex-wife 3 mn euros a month’

56-year-old Veronica, the former actress, has three children with Berlusconi.

Divorce battle of Italian PM gets nastier

Berlusconi`s wife has won the right to call witness before the court

Berlusconi close to divorce settlement: Reports

The Italian PM`s wife filed for divorce after revelations that Berlusconi had attended 18th birthday party of a model.

Italian PM assures kids fair deal in his divorce accord

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has told the children of his second wife that they will not be penalised in his forthcoming multi-million dollar divorce settlement.

Top break-up of 2009: Berlusconi’s split from wife

Silvio Berlusconi’s spilt from wife Veronica Lario has topped TIME magazine’s list of the ‘Top 10 Break-Ups of 2009’.