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`Children of War`- shocking reminder of brutalities of 1971 Bangladesh liberation war

Mritunjay Devvrat`s debut film `Children of War` is indeed a great tribute to the victims of the 1971 liberation war between Bangladesh and Pakistan.

`Children Of War` review: Masterpiece on ravages of war

In one of the many mind-numbing images in this exceptionally vivid work on the ravages of war, the back of a truck is jolted open and out tumble a bunch of women one on top of another at a Pakistani prison camp for Bangladeshi women run by a despicable tyrant, who could be the Nazi mass murderer Ralph Fiennes in Steven Spielberg`s "Schindler`s List".

`Children of War` to release in Bangladesh and India on May 16

The much talked-about Indian film `Children of War: Nine Months to Freedom`, will have its trans-border release in Bangladesh and India on May 16.

Victor Banerjee starrer wins audience choice award in US fest

Victor Banerjee starrer `Ekhon Nedekha Nadir Xipaare`, a socio-political Assamese thriller set in the river island of Majuli, has won the audience choice award in the North Carolina film fest.

Victor Banerjee defends brief role in `Gunday`

Victor Banerjee`s brief role in Yash Raj Films` (YRF) may have irked some of his colleagues and fans, but the acclaimed veteran actor defends it by saying that he has a "kitchen to run".

Bollywood polluting Indian culture by degrading women: Victor Banerjee

By degrading women to mere sex objects, Bollywood is not only destroying the country`s rich heritage but also leading to more incidents of molestation and rape in urban centres.

Diverse group of participants in BCIM Rally

Kolkata: From well-known Indian actor Victor Banerjee to Chinese Mt Everest conqueror Jin Feibiao, the BCIM Car Rally that flagged off here today boasts of 80 participants from different walks of life from Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar.

Victor Banerjee regrets not getting roles befitting his age

Happy to be cast in the first Bengali sci-fi movie on the lines of big Hollywood productions, actor Victor Banerjee said though he would love to do more main lead roles in Bengali films but offers were not coming his way.

Something definitely wrong: Victor, Jahnu on Nat Award jury

Veteran actor Victor Banerjee and acclaimed filmmaker Jahnu Barua have expressed anger over the rejection of Assamese film ‘Ekhon Nedekha Nadir Xipaare’ by the National Awards jury which thought the film had more of Hindi elements than Assamese.

NFDC promises green signal to Victor Banerjee starrer

Awaiting clearance for nearly two years and facing several hitches, a movie on Assam starring veteran actor Victor Banerjee is finally going to see the light of the day with producers National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) promising to clear it by next month.

Victor Banerjee signs Indian-American director`s debut film

Veteran actor Victor Banerjee will play an intense role in Indian-American Amit Kumar`s directorial debut "Blemished Light", which will deal with discrimination that happens in the name of identity.