Reforms, presidential vote in focus after Romania coalition splits

Ministers from Romania`s Liberals resigned from the government, a day after the party quit the ruling coalition in a break-up that will trigger a confidence vote.

Romanian President reappoints Victor Ponta as PM

Romania`s President has reappointed the prime minister to his post despite a bitter feud between the two top officials.

Romania govt easily wins Parliamentary elections

The center-left alliance led by Prime Minister Victor Ponta won nearly three-fifths of the seats in the legislature, trouncing President Traian Basescu`s allies.

Romanian court ups stakes in presidency referendum

Romania`s Constitutional Court said that a majority of the electorate must turn out to vote in order for a referendum on ousting the Prez to be valid.

Romania`s new left-leaning government is approved

Romanian lawmakers have approved a new left-leaning Cabinet that is expected to continue a slate of economic reforms.