'Beyblade' set to be made into film

Paramount Pictures is making a live-action movie about Beyblades which were the must-have playground toys back in the day.

Video games without guzzling gigabytes soon

Gamers might one day be able to enjoy the same graphics-intensive fast-action video games they play on their mobile devices without guzzling gigabytes -- thanks to a new tool developed by US researchers.

Britney Spears to star in mobile video game app
Britney Spears to star in mobile video game app

Pop star Britney Spears is the latest celebrity to feature in a mobile video game application.

Playing games in sync can make kids more empathic

In an example of how a physical activity performed in unison helps children feel more positively toward one another, researchers have found that even a video game played together in sync on a computer could increase their empathy.

Time kids spend playing video games matters more than game content

A new study has linked poor behavior in children to time spent playing video games, not the games played.

Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man
Google Maps lets you play Pac-Man

Google`s mapping service rolled out a gamefied version inspired by the classic Pac-Man, turning the real streets of a city into a labyrinth to gobble up pellets and ghosts.

Learn and groove with Google Glass soon

 Those who think the eye wearable device Google Glass is dead, be ready to shake a leg with the device. According to media reports, Google Glass will come with a new technology that will teach you some funky dance moves in real time.

Rory McIlroy replaces Tiger Woods face of video game
Rory McIlroy replaces Tiger Woods face of video game

Rory McIlroy, who has replaced Tiger Woods as golf`s world number one, will also supplant the 14-time major champion on EA Sports` PGA Tour video game.

Paul McCartney to make game song for kids
Paul McCartney to make game song for kids

Beatles legend Paul McCartney agreed to soundtrack a video game to infiltrate his children and grand children's lives.

Lionel Messi is Barcelona's comic book hero: Luis Enrique
Lionel Messi is Barcelona's comic book hero: Luis Enrique

Following their 2-0 win over the visiting Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona coach Luis Enrique heaped praise on Lionel Messi. Enrique said that the Argentine is their comic book hero and can do things that people can't do on a Playstation video game. The coach also felt that manga super-hero Captain Tsubasa aka Flash Kicker would struggle to match Messi's magic.

Most expensive video game to hit cyberspace Tuesday
Most expensive video game to hit cyberspace Tuesday

Billed as the biggest video game of the year and also the most expensive one ever made, Destiny will be launched Tuesday to an expected 10 million players.

Kim Kardashian`s video game to be launched next week

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has revealed that her new mobile app `Kim Kardashian: Hollywood` will be available to purchase from next week.

Scottish singer believes can better `manage` Man U than Moyes

Scottish singer Paolo Nutini has said that he believes he can better manage Manchester United than current boss David Moyes, a fellow Scotsman.

`Destiny` will be best-selling original video game ever, say makers

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick expects ` Destiny ,` the new game from Halo creators Bungie, to become the best-selling new video game IP ever.

Sonu Sood to launch `The Legends Of Hercules` video game

Sonu Sood, who has lent his voice for the Hindi dubbed version of Hollywood film ‘The Legends Of Hercules’, will launch a video game based on the film.

Internet Archive rekindles early video game consoles

Digital library Internet Archive has unveiled "The Internet Archive Console Living Room" section with games for five classic consoles.

Video game tech can improve rehab for stroke patients

In a unique study, researchers have used 3D technology from the film and video game industry to analyse everyday movements of stroke patients.

Amitabh Bachchan enjoys video game with Abhishek, Shah Rukh Khan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan joined his actor son Abhishek and superstar Shah Rukh Khan for a round of video games during their shooting schedule.

Video game helps elderly keep mind sharp

A video game can help elderly people fight cognitive decline, scientists have reported in the journal Nature.

Video game shows how a smoker would look like after 20 yrs

An assistant professor of communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) has developed a video game that showed social smokers what they might look like after 20 years of smoking.