Intern's angry note to boss goes viral online

A note left by a disgruntled intern for his former boss has gone viral on the internet, a media report said on Thursday.

Watch: Japanese bullet train's 7-minute scrub
Watch: Japanese bullet train's 7-minute scrub

A video showing the fast and meticulous cleaning process of Japan's Shinkansen bullet train, has gone viral on the internet with over 2.5 million views in the last few weeks.

Video showing drunk cop thrashed by youths goes viral

A video clip showing a drunk unidentified policeman being thrashed by a group of four youths has gone viral on the social media.

Drunken Austrian football mascot`s season is over
Drunken Austrian football mascot`s season is over

The mascot for a top-flight Austrian football side whose drunken pitch performance last weekend went viral on the Internet will not appear again this season, Austria Vienna said Friday.

Man allegedly beats daughter on street as crowd watches

A man, said to be a Tamil Nadu police sub-inspector, allegedly beat up his daughter on a street here with about 50 people simply watching it with pictures of the incident posted on a Facebook page by a techie going viral.

Young Sikh boy racially abused in US, video goes viral

In a shocking case of racism, a young Sikh boy in the US state of Georgia has been called a "terrorist" by a group of school children, with the video of the abuse now going viral on the Internet.

Maharashtra govt to probe 'AIB' show after complaints over obscenity

Maharashtra cultural minister Vinod Tawde said the government had decided to investigate into the AIB event that took place at the Vallabhai Patel stadium last month.

Video of police officer singing Taylor Swift song goes viral
Video of police officer singing Taylor Swift song goes viral

A video of a police officer in the US singing along to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' has attracted millions of viewers after the singer praised the video herself.

Rare glimpse of Barack Obama's daughter causes online stir

 After years of careful White House control over her few public appearances, a mysterious online image of first daughter Malia Obama, 16, has gone viral.

'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam Gulati's kissing picture goes viral?
'Bigg Boss 8': Gautam Gulati's kissing picture goes viral?

Controversial game show 'Bigg Boss' season 8 has seen some of the most unimagined twists and turns. The inmates who initially came across as coy as compared to the former contestants, gave a befitting reply to the critics (with their fights and unwanted abuses).

Lucky escape: Man on bicycle crushed under truck survives to tell tale
Lucky escape: Man on bicycle crushed under truck survives to tell tale

A Chinese cyclist had a miraculous save after he was knocked over by a lorry and he came under the vehicle.

Exclusive: MPs hail Kerala's singing sensation Jayalakshmi

Over the past few days, a video of a young girl singing Lata Mangeshkar's hit number `Satyam Shivam Sundaram` had gone viral on social media.

Scientist hopes to unlock Ebola's secrets at outbreak's source

Etienne Simon-Loriere of the Pasteur Institut in Paris has his fingers crossed. He is heading to West Africa on Sunday to inspect blood samples gathered from Ebola patients in Guinea in hopes of tracing the path of the virus in the country where the current outbreak began.

Fake bear selfie goes viral

A terrifying selfie with a bear, taken by a backpacker in the US, went viral on the social media much before the selfie was found to be fake, media reports said.

Ghost appears in selfie
Ghost appears in selfie

A selfie of two Newcastle-based girls clicked at a bar in London has gone viral on social media for there was a "ghost" standing behind the girls.

One dose of new drug seems safe, effective in treating influenza symptoms

A new study has revealed that single dose of the neuraminidase inhibitor (NAI) peramivir has shown promising results in treating influenza symptoms, including fever and viral shedding.

Influenza patients in US wrongly prescribed antibiotics?

Taking antibiotics does not help patients suffering from influenza, a viral disease, but nearly 30 percent of the flu patients who were treated during the 2012-2013 influenza season in the US may have been prescribed unnecessary antibiotics instead of antiviral therapy, says a study.

Dengue, viral grip Gurgaon

Dengue and viral fever is spreading across this Haryana city, with affected people continuing to pour into hospitals, said doctors Saturday.

New compound boosts efficacy of HIV, flu vaccine

Scientists have discovered a compound that boosts the effect of vaccines against the flu, HIV and herpes virus in mice.

Viral level in blood main cause of HIV transmission in sexual intercourse

The level of HIV-1 in the blood of an HIV-infected partner is the single most important factor influencing risk of sexual transmission.