Arapaima, Amazon`s largest fish may go extinct: Study

Arapaima, the largest fish in the Amazon River basin is going extint in many areas due to overfishing, revealed scientists.

Scientists reveal the secrets of flying snakes

Scientists have finally explained the mystery how flying snakes stay in the air in a new research.

India saving $309mn annually with Virginia Tech-led natural pest control

India`s natural pest control programme spearheaded by Virginia Tech researchers has saved 309 million dollars in its very first year.

Jellyfish to help improve bio-inspired robotic designs

Researchers have discovered a way in which jellyfish are able to move with the lowest cost of transport of any animal.

Diseases can rapidly evolve to become more virulent

In a new study, researchers have observed that a novel disease in songbirds has rapidly evolved to become more harmful to its host on at least two separate occasions in just two decades.

Fatty diet during pregnancy may cause cancer in offspring

Chemicals or foods that raise estrogen levels during pregnancy may increase cancer risk in daughters, granddaughters, and even great-granddaughters.

Gun scare at Virginia Tech, scene of 2007 massacre

Authorities issued a lockdown at Virginia Tech after a man suspected of carrying a gun was sited.

Virginia Tech to open centres in Chennai

Virginia Tech of USA has decided to open three centres of excellence in Chennai dedicated to carrying out high-end research activities and producing sector-specific talents.

Caterpillar inspires soft-body robot design

"Weird movements" in the guts of caterpillars could improve the design of soft material robots.