Dengue in Mizoram

At least 15 people in Mizoram have been affected by dengue with the health department gearing up to combat the disease.

Madhya Pradesh: H1N1 virus claims life in Indore

One more person died of swine flu, taking the death toll due to the virus to seven in Indore division of the state since May this year.

US: Deadly virus may infect Yosemite Park visitors

The virus has already claimed two lives, and four other cases of Hantavirus, a rare lung disease, have come into notice.

Polar bear dies from zebra virus

Scientists have warned equine herpes might have developed the ability to jump species in the same way as influenza, after a polar bear died in a zoo in Germany after catching herpes from a zebra.

New flu virus found in seals could impact humans

US Scientists have identified a new strain of influenza in harbour seals that could impact human and animal health by causing potential pandemic flu.

H1N1 vaccine linked to Guillain-Barre risk

Researchers have found a small increased risk in adults of the nervous system disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome, during the 4 to 8 weeks after H1N1 vaccination.

`Hitchhiking` virus kills cancer cells

Scientists have revealed how a promising viral therapy that delivers a double blow to cancer can sneak up on tumours undetected by hitching a ride on blood cells.

Swine flu death in Rajkot, Gujarat

This is the first reported death from swine flu in Gujarat after the previous nation-wide outbreak.