Narendra Modi`s September US visit will end visa ban

Nearly a decade after it denied him a visa and blacklisted him, the US is practically preparing to roll out the red carpet for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is set to hold a summit meeting with President Barack Obama in Washington in September-end this year.

EU, US visa bans would hit 13 leading Russians: Report

Threatened US and EU visa bans over Crimea crisis would hit 13 Russian political and business leaders, including the defence minister, secret service chief and head of Gazprom, German media said.

Is US warming up to Narendra Modi? Nancy Powell to meet Guj CM today

Signalling a turnaround by Washington after years of boycotting Narendra Modi for his dubious role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, US Ambassador to India Nancy Powell will meet the Gujarat Chief Minister and the BJP`s PM candidate for 2014 General Elections on Thursday.

US lifts visa ban on Myanmar

Considering the decisions taken by its government as part of economic and political reforms, the US has decided to lift the visa ban on Myanmar.