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UK witnesses 21% drop in study visas to Indians in 2013

The European country issued only 13,608 study visas to Indian nationals in 2013, which is 21 percent lower than the earlier year, it said.

UK scraps contentious visa bond plan ahead of Cameron's visit

"The government has been considering whether we pilot a bond scheme that would deter people from overstaying their visa. We have decided not to proceed," a government spokesman said Monday.

UK visa bond: Britain to scrap proposed scheme

The controversial 3,000-pound "security bond" for some "high-risk" foreign visitors to the UK, including those from India, is to be scrapped, the Home Office has confirmed.

UK visa bond will apply to a few: British High Commissioner

However, even if the visa bond finally comes into force it will apply to a very small number of people, he said.

Visa bonds issue divides UK coalition

Britain's plan to introduce a controversial scheme of demanding a whopping 3,000 pounds visa bond from visitors from certain countries, including India, has divided the country's coalition government, with a senior minister terming the move as "very disappointing".

Britain`s Home Office sends mixed signals on visa bonds

Britain`s Home Office was on Monday at the centre of a volley of confusing statements around the proposed 3,000 pounds visa bonds for visitors from six "high-risk" countries, including India.

UK yet to finalise controversial visa bond scheme

Britain`s controversial 3,000 pounds visa bond scheme proposed for visitors from certain "high risk" countries, including India, could take weeks to finalise after a high-level meeting here last week, officials said on Sunday.

Nigeria protests UK visa bond

Nigeria has registered its discontent over a proposed visa scheme of the UK that would require first time travellers from six high-risk Afro-Asian countries to pay a hefty financial bond of 3,000 pounds.