High visa fee, other issues raised with United States: Govt

India on Wednesday raised its concerns with the US authorities over high visa fees and discriminatory social security benefits to Indian professionals working in America.

Lanka slashes visa fee for Indian tourists

Sri Lanka has slashed the visa fee
it planned to charge from tourists from India and other SAARC
countries to USD 10.

India wants Lanka visa fee reduced

The Indian concerns assume significance as it has now
replaced Britain as Sri Lanka`s top inbound travel market.

India not singled out in visa fee hike: US

The US Saturday sought to assuage the IT industry here, saying India had not been singled out on the issue of rise in visa fee, a move that raised the heckles of technology firms.

Trying to understand impact of increase in visa fee: US

The United States is in
discussion with India trying to understand the potential
impact of the increase in fee of categories of H-1B and L1
visas on Indian companies.

US Cong sends border protection bill raising visa fee to Obama

Ignoring the concerns raised
by Indian government and IT firms, the US Congress on Thursday sent
a controversial border protection bill to President Barack
Obama, which would steeply hike the H-1B and L-1 visa fees.