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American Senator wants US to stop issuing visas to Indians

A top American Senator has asked the Obama Administration to discontinue issuing immigrant and non-immigrant visas to citizens from 23 countries, including India and China, while alleging them of being non-cooperative in taking back illegal immigrants from the US.

India received $48 billion in remittances in 9 months of last fiscal

India received $48 billion in remittances in 9 months of last fiscal

India has received USD 48 billion in remittances in the first nine months of the previous fiscal, the government informed Lok Sabha on Wednesday.


No visas to foreigners wanting to visit India for surrogacy

No visas to foreigners wanting to visit India for surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy is often termed as 'rent-a-womb' industry and India has emerged as a popular destination for childless foreign couples seeking a baby through surrogacy with poor women ready to play surrogate mothers.

H1B visa lowers wages, has negligible impact on patents: study

Contrary to popular perception, H-1B visas have insignificant impact on new patents in the short term and also results in lower wages, according to a study.

Venezuela to limit US diplomat number, require tourist visas

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he will limit the number of US diplomats allowed to work in the socialist South American country and also will require US citizens to apply for visas if they want to visit.

Flooded with refugees, Lebanon imposes visas on Syrians

Overwhelmed by a massive influx of desperate refugees, Lebanon began imposing unprecedented visa restrictions on Syrians on Monday, including those fleeing their country`s civil war.

Lebanon imposes visas on Syrians for first time

Lebanon is to impose visa restrictions on Syrians for the first time after being overwhelmed by an influx of more than 1.1 million refugees, according to documents published online.

PIA crew took 34 Indian transit passengers to Lahore hotel without visas

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) says that at least 34 Indian transit passengers flying from New Delhi to Saudi Arabia with a stopover in Lahore were taken to a local hotel there by Pakistan International Airlines crew, despite the passengers not possessing required visas.

Canada halts visas for residents of Ebola-hit nations

Canada has announced it was suspending visa applications for residents of Ebola-hit nations in a bid to prevent the deadly virus from crossing its borders.

Australia issues blanket visa ban on Ebola-hit countries

Australia came under fire on Tuesday from health experts and rights advocates after it issued a blanket ban on visas from West African nations affected by the Ebola outbreak, making it the first rich nation to shut its doors to the region.

China halts visas for Hong Kong-bound tour groups: Travel body

China appears to have suspended visas for tour groups heading to Hong Kong as huge pro-democracy protests grip the semi-autonomous city, a travel industry leader said tonight.

Let the best stay but get rid of mediocre foreigners: FA chief

Let the best stay but get rid of mediocre foreigners: FA chief

Greg Dyke, chairman of England`s Football Association, has called for mediocre foreign players to be prevented from playing in English leagues at the detriment to local players.

Russia streamlines visa applications for Sochi Olympics

Foreigners planning to attend the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in February can obtain visas the same day they apply, Russian foreign ministry has said.

26/11 Mumbai attacks trial: Pak panel granted visas to visit India

India on Wednesday issued seven-day visas for the Pakistani judicial commission that will visit the country on September 21 to cross-examine the Mumbai terror attack witnesses and to carry forward the much-delayed trial here.

Indian-Canadian man fighting to get visas for parents

An Indian Canadian serving in the country`s air force is fighting to get visas to enable his India-based parents visit their ailing grandson.

US consular official embroiled in `sex for visa` scandal

US state department has reportedly acknowledged that a consular official posted in Guyana is allegedly involved in trading visas for money and sex.

Visas slow for Iraqis who helped US war efforts

The federal government has issued less than a quarter of the 25,000 visas created for Iraqis who helped American efforts during the Iraq War and the programme is set to end this year.

5,000 visas likely for Pakistani cricket fans

India is likely to issue 5,000 visas to Pakistani spectators to watch the Indo-Pak cricket series beginning December 25 but after framing stricter guidelines this time as several of them did not return home after watching such matches in the past.

Bollywood did not misuse visas: US cables

Following intensive investigation which also included a visit to the shooting site of `My Name is Khan` the US Consulate in Mumbai in 2009 concluded that Bollywood generally does not misuse the US visas issued to its crew, a WikiLeak cable has said.

Rupay Card commercial launch by fiscal end: NPCI head

Nearly a year after the soft launch as a limited-service debit card, the Rupay Card, which is the domestically developed equivalent of the Visas and MasterCards of the world, will offer full-service debit card services by the end of this fiscal.