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Unearthed: Ancient city ruled by Genghis Khan's heirs

Remains of a 750-year-old city called Ukek, founded by the descendants of Genghis Khan, has been unearthed along the Volga river in Russia.

Volgograd World Cup arena to cost $380m

Preliminary estimates put the cost of the Football World Cup 2018 stadium in the Russian city of Volgograd at $380 million.

Russia starts raising riverboat, 2 charged

Russia has begun lifting to the surface a tourist boat that sank in the Volga River on July 10.

128 may be dead in Volga river accident: Russia

Divers are searching the sunken wreck of the Bulgaria that listed to its side and sank.

Many missing after boat sinks in Russia`s Volga

Nearly one hundred people remained missing after a tourist boat sank in a broad stretch of Russia`s Volga river on Sunday.